CREATIVE PROFILE: “Event Wiz” Robert Krumbine

Robert Krumbine


Speaking of long-time creative events in Charlotte, it’s time to get to know a little more about Charlotte’s self-proclaimed “Event Wiz,” Robert Krumbine. (No, seriously. It’s on his license plate ID AND his Instagram handle.)

In his role as chief creative officer and senior vice president of events at Charlotte Center City PartnersKrumbine is the quarterback of the Charlotte SHOUT! team each year. In early May, Charlotte Is Creative, publishers of The Biscuit, awarded Krumbine with a Bolt of Inspiration (created by The Savage Way and sponsored by UNC Charlotte) for his passion for incorporating local creatives and makers into the events he produces. See picture by photographer Paul Lange at the top of the page.

And, now that the Vision Awards and Charlotte SHOUT! are in planning mode again (Yep. Krumbine led his team to produce both over the same three-week period.), we thought this would be the perfect time to get to know him a little better.

How did you get to Charlotte?

I arrived in Charlotte in February 1988 after being laid off in Washington, D.C. I worked my network and found an opportunity to join a small entertainment company that was looking to grow into an event-focused business. My first big gig was the grand opening of the Charlotte Coliseum on Tyvola Road.

What’s kept you working here?

Besides that Charlotte is where I’ve raised my family, I think what keeps me here is the knowledge that I have been able to be a part of the transformation of this city. I hope my legacy is that I have created and produced memorable everlasting special events that have made this a better place for all.

A street performer from Charlotte SHOUT! in 2019

What was the origin of SHOUT! in 2002? Why bring it back in 2019?

I was asked to join Center City Partners in 2001 and to create a signature event for the city. Not long before, Charlotte had lost three tentpole community festivals – Springfest, Jazz Charlotte, and First Night Charlotte. My task was to create an event that celebrated art, culture, and community, and that is what SHOUT! is all about.

Unfortunately, the Great Recession in 2008 forced us to pause the festival in 2009. It wasn’t until 2018, with the 250th anniversary of Charlotte, that it became clear that we needed a signature event once again. We brought SHOUT! back in May 2019 and, although hampered and stalled by the pandemic, we have never looked back. This year’s festival welcomed almost 650,000 visitors over 17 days. It was glorious.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on here?

There are so many great events I have had the pleasure of being a part of. From grand openings of the Coliseum, Convention Center, and Bank of America Stadium to major events like Cityfest Live, Speed Street, and the Democratic National Convention.

  • The 1994 Final Four Street of Champions will always be my all-time favorite. I had such a pivotal role in demonstrating what Charlotte hospitality could look like. We created a dynamic, energy-filled, temporary destination in Uptown that drew 380,000 visitors and ultimately transformed this city.
  • Charlotte SHOUT! is a close second and it was the reason I joined Center City Partners. I’ve been able to use the platform of this mission-based organization to truly affect how the urban core is viewed and appreciated.

The murals in “Luminous Lane” debuted at Charlotte SHOUT! in 2023. 

Why is working with local artists important to you?

I believe Charlotte is an incredibly creative city, and we need to celebrate that every day. Our diverse collection of local artists, musicians, food artisans, dancers, designers, etc., need opportunities to flourish and grow. They need to feel welcomed and appreciated in their own home and not forced to leave for other places to make their way. I have always been convinced that we can do whatever we want right here in Charlotte. If we simply plant the seeds and provide the support we can prove that to the world.

When people ask you about the creative community in the Queen City, what do you tell them?

You need to see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, and listen to it. Come and be inspired by the myriad voices that are making a difference in this community. We are a creative and innovative place, and we’ve only just begun.


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