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Signs of COVID-19 by Betty Thomas

Creative News, Photography | May 5, 2020

Being contained isn’t good for creatives. They have to get out, see the world and share their interpretation of what they see. In times like these, which are — with no hyperbole — historic, this creative impulse helps all of us process the gravity… read more »

Creative Challenge: Thank You For The Delivery

CLT Creatives, Charlotte SHOUT!, Happenings | May 5, 2020

Wait, oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman… we want to say thank you. Whether it’s letters, magazines, bills (*groans*), Amazon packages, or a Doordashed grilled pork banh mi with extra jalapenos (okay that one might be specific to us), we’ve all had so… read more »

Biscuit News Crumbs! NC’s REAL Three Phases

Videos | May 3, 2020

You know the three-phased approach Governor Roy Cooper has identified to reopen North Carolina, but our mole deep in the Governor’s mansion has revealed there is a second three phases designed to promote psychological preparation for the NC populace… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: Erin Breeden is a Mermaid Who Can Swim Upstream

CLT Creatives, Videos | May 3, 2020

Erin Breeden is a mermaid. As such, she’s used to finding herself in strange waters and swimming upstream. She’s used to shifting focus and strategy. She’s been helping her clients do it for years. While COVID-19 hasn’t been a picnic, Erin’s skillset… read more »

Why is The Manor a Charlotte Staple? This.

Creative News | May 1, 2020

This week, the Manor Theatre on Providence Road reminded us what we should all be saying more these days: Thank you. We are grateful for all those who are keeping us safe, healthy and fed during these unprecedented times. And we are grateful for the… read more »

The Live Events May be Canceled, but Pride Carries On

Creative News, Photography | May 1, 2020

We try to be pretty cheery around here at The Biscuit and Charlotte Is Creative. Difficult things happen, we’re not blind to them. But we choose to look for positive, creative stories around the Queen City … because they are everywhere. Like you, r… read more »

CLT Bedtime Story: Nick de la Canal Reads “Goodnight Queen”

CLT Creatives, Videos | May 1, 2020

Hey there, Crown Town. If you’re anything like us at The Biscuit, you have a really hard time falling asleep during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we called in an expert — Nick de la Canal of WFAE — to read us “Goodnight Queen,” a bedtime story… read more »

Erin Santos Won’t Let COVID-19 … or Cancer … Stop Her

CLT Nonprofits, Videos | April 29, 2020

In March 2020, most of the world came to a stop due to COVID-19 preventative measures. We all knew it would be incredibly destructive for businesses, but what about nonprofits? In the case of the Isabella Santos Foundation (ISF), 1/3 of their annual… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Elena Kacan

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | April 28, 2020

When you’re the Field Marketer handling community relations and partnerships for OrthoCarolina, what happens when … nobody is in the field anymore … while breaking in a new staff you just hired? You have your moment, dust off and reconfigure. Tha… read more »

Bolts of Inspiration Strike Four Charlotte Creatives

Creative News | April 28, 2020

Every month at CreativeMornings/Charlotte, Charlotte is Creative honors innovative Charlotteans who are putting their talents to work for their neighbors with Bolts of Inspiration. The moss art Bolts are sponsored by OrthoCarolina and designed and ma… read more »

Creative Challenge: Teacher Appreciation

CLT Creatives, Happenings | April 28, 2020

Help us thank the teachers. Adjusting to working from home has been a challenge for everyone. It’s hard enough to be responsible for ourselves and our work within the confines of our home… imagine being responsible for 30-100+ others and their work… read more »

“Rock Hill” Mural by Osiris Rain

Where Are We in CLT? | April 28, 2020

Just a few miles down the road from the Queen City sits the city of Rock Hill, SC, or as we like to call it South of South-South Charlotte. The city commissioned Charlotte artist Osiris Rain (@osirisrain) to create a piece to kick off their Mural Mil… read more »

Get Into a SHOUTing Match with Us!

Creative News | April 27, 2020

How would you like to have a SHOUTing Match with another Charlotte creative? How does it work? Well, here you go … The idea is simple, but left open to your interpretation. You select a fellow creative from a different discipline or media and make… read more »

9  Local for Self-Care During Self-Quarantine

CLT Creatives | April 26, 2020

Not that it was always a party, it’s fair to say that stay-at-home is getting old. To help you pamper yourself while supporting small local businesses, Esther and Elsa, has compiled a collection of local goods you can purchase while self-isolating. T… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Carla Aaron-Lopez

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | April 26, 2020

Artist. Mommy. Educator. Residential Bad Ass. Hellraiser. Queen of Dragons. Villain. ALL of these are words our friend “King” Carla Aaron-Lopez uses to describe herself … and, it’s a good thing, because this woman defies definition. We reached out… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Brian Lafontaine

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | April 26, 2020

You may have seen Brian Lafontaine. In fact, we’re certain of it. From Charlotte stages to movie theatres, TV screens and radio commercials, Brian has done it all. He may not always get to be the leading man, but he’s ALWAYS working. He’s also the ho… read more »

Creative Challenge: CLT Restaurant Edition

CLT Creatives, Happenings | April 21, 2020

Today, we are kicking off a weekly challenge series to get your creative juices flowing and give out a few prizes along the way. Every week we will choose one winner to receive a $50 prize. This week, the challenge is to create a piece of creative co… read more »

Timelapse Video: Watch Emerson Stoldt Build a Masterpiece

CLT Creatives, Videos | April 21, 2020

Since the onset of stay-at-home, we’ve encouraged creatives from across the Queen City to share their #CreativityInCaptivity. So, it was an absolute treat to get this timelapse video of Optimist Park resident, Emerson Stoldt, creating a large paintin… read more »

The Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Stacy Cassio

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | April 21, 2020

It’s impossible not to smile, laugh and be inspired by just spending one minute listening to Stacy Cassio, founder of Pink Mentor Network. Today, Biscuit co-publisher, Tim Miner, spends FIVE+ minutes, with her, so you’re in for a lot of smiles, laugh… read more »

The Biscuit Blitz: 5(ish) Minutes with Monique Stubbs-Hall

Videos | April 17, 2020

What happens when you open an amazing new venue weeks before COVID-19 hits? You take the hit, keep creating and plan for the future. At least, that’s what Monique Stubbs-Hall of Studio 229 and founder of Clear Communication Consulting did. Today, Tim… read more »