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Where Are We In CLT? Elizabeth Home Turned Public Art Installation

Exploring Charlotte, Where Are We in CLT? | May 5, 2021

Charlotte “ARTivist” Rosalia Torres-Weiner is at it again, exploring the boundaries of where art is shared. In past batches of The Biscuit, we spoke with Torres-Weiner about taking art experiences to neighborhoods in a truck she converted into a mobi… read more »

Equal Time: Eraklis Petmezas’ Superhuman Sketching Speed

CLT Creatives, Equal Time | April 27, 2021

Great Scott! It’s Superhero Day! And, in honor of The Flash, Quicksilver and A-Train (to take care of fans of DC, Marvel and The Boys) we thought we’d see just how fast Charlotte comics artist Eraklis Petmezas could sketch a hero. And, he attacked it… read more »

Our New Best Friend: Daria Shishkina

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend | April 20, 2021

When Hough High senior Daria Shishkina was 9, she wanted to submit an illustration of a “cute, little hedgehog” she’d drawn into a competition. Her teacher refused. In fact, Shishkina’s teacher accused her of cheating. She said the drawing was too go… read more »

Tell Us: What Do You Need from Creative Space?

Creative News | April 13, 2021

Share Your Voice on Charlotte’s Affordable Creative Space Needs As we shared in our video from creative entrepreneur Barry Greene last week, t’s incredibly hard to find affordable retail and workspace in Charlotte for creatives right now outside of s… read more »

Equal Time: Spend Five Minutes Sketching with Mike Daikubara

CLT Creatives, Equal Time, Videos | April 6, 2021

What can creatives make in just five minutes? We’ve been asking that question — and sharing amazing examples of what’s possible — since the start of the year. We were inspired by our partners, OrthoCarolina, and their new online platform that makes… read more »

5 Ridiculous Questions with Robert Krumbine

5 Ridiculous Questions | April 6, 2021

With the announcement that Charlotte SHOUT! is headed back to the streets of Uptown Charlotte from Sept. 17 to Oct. 3, we thought it was high time to see the wizard … the wonderful wizard of Queen City events, Robert Krumbine. Since moving to Charlot… read more »

Equal Time: @Sree_Henna Makes 5-Minute Mehndi

CLT Creatives, Equal Time | March 24, 2021

What can you create in five minutes? To help save their patients time, OrthoCarolina has launched an online system to make appointments in five minutes flat, and they asked us to challenge creatives across the Queen City to make something amazing in… read more »

LOCAL/STREET: Mint Museum Partners with More than 40 Local Artists

Creative News, Happenings | March 20, 2021

Mint Museum Partners with More than 40 Local Artists of Color The LOCAL/STREET Pop-Up Installation at Mint Museum Randolph March 26-28 Charlotte’s creative arts scene is experiencing an incredible period of growth. But, the recognition of the Queen C… read more »

Back to Business: Fishing for Information & Fixing Broken Bones

Creative News | March 16, 2021

“As I was falling, I watched the top of the tree getting smaller. And, in that instant I knew I was in deep trouble. I said to myself, ‘I should be hitting the ground any time.’ Then I did.” – Chris Davis Last year, Chris Davis took a fall. A nasty o… read more »

Charlotte Art League Is Moving … Across the Street

CLT Creatives, Creative News | March 11, 2021

Jim Dukes is used to things blowing up. Today, Dukes is the executive director of the Charlotte Art League (CAL), but his background is in explosives. As a former defense contractor for the United Nations, he specialized in disarming mines and bombs…. read more »

Flyover of Flywheel’s New Arts Hub on Raleigh St.

Videos | March 11, 2021

Flywheel Group, LLC is planning to create something new — a retail, office and residential development that all starts with creating a new home for the arts anchored by Charlotte Art League and The Independent Picture House. To provide a sense of th… read more »

Equal Time: @CLTChalkArt’s Crowning Achievement

CLT Creatives, Videos | March 2, 2021

Five minutes may not seem like a lot of time … but, if you’re devoted to your craft … it’s all you need to create something incredible. To help save their patients time, our partners at OrthoCarolina have launched an online scheduling system that hel… read more »

Where Are We In CLT? “Being”/“Man Mold”

Exploring Charlotte, Where Are We in CLT? | March 2, 2021

Public art is everywhere in Charlotte. And, not even COVID-19 seems to be slowing it down. In fact, nine new pieces of public art have been unveiled since July 2020 with much more underway. It’s not hard to learn about recent entries into the public… read more »

Tasty Tracks: Kat Holland’s “Imagination”

CLT Creatives, Music | February 23, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic may have silenced stages across the Queen City … but it hasn’t silenced musicians. Charlotte-based songwriters and performers have been busy over the last year. They’re eager to share their work. And, we’re ready to help. To cel… read more »

Our New Best Friend: Lucas Ayres of CLT Shooters

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend | February 23, 2021

“As humans, there’s a few basic things that we truly desire — the sense of belonging or being a part of something greater than ourselves, a sense of accomplishment and a sense of safety. Creativity is one of the few natural forces that has the abili… read more »

Equal Time: Melissa Wineman Reminds Us That Spring Is Coming

Equal Time, Videos | February 16, 2021

Five minutes. 300 seconds. It doesn’t seem like much time at all, but for a skilled creative like Charlotte artist Melissa Wineman, it’s all the time you need to be brilliant. Our friends at OrthoCarolina have launched an online scheduling system to… read more »

Where Are We In CLT? 7th Street Station Interactive Art

Exploring Charlotte, Where Are We in CLT? | February 16, 2021

When you head uptown, you expect the skyscrapers to impress you. But, you don’t expect them to sing to you. Yet, that’s exactly what the 7th Street Station parking garage does. When the deck opened in 1998, the team behind it wanted to add a little w… read more »

Giant Postcards Proclaim Love for the Queen City 

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Happenings | February 16, 2021

February is all about love. And, to celebrate their affection for Charlotte, six local artists painted giant, love-themed postcards along the light rail line at 7th Street Station. Most works are 8-feet wide on display outside 7th Street Public Marke… read more »

Our New Best Friend(s): Stephen and Nathan Tucker of Powder Studio Porcelain

Our New Best Friend | February 16, 2021

To help us celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day 2021, we asked our Instagram followers to help us identify the inspirational creative couples at work in the Queen City. And, the suggestions – like Cupid’s arrow – came flying in. Using those sugges… read more »

JazzArts Charlotte Charts the Beat of the Future with Songs of the Past

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Happenings | February 12, 2021

“Whisper, listen, whisper, listen. Whispers say we’re free Rumors flyin’, must be lyin’. Can it really be? Can’t conceive it, don’t believe it. But that’s what they say Slave no longer, slave no longer, this is Freedom Day.” – Lyrics from Freedom Day… read more »