Tim Miner

@CLTBlackOwned has Pride, Purpose & a Plan

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | June 19, 2020

“We really are in this to serve others and support and highlight their business so it can increase their sales.” – Ashley Creft Amidst demonstrations about the death of George Floyd, discussions of how to dismantle systemic racism, ensure conversatio… read more »

Lighting Up Uptown for Juneteenth

Happenings | June 17, 2020

UPDATED! In honor of Juneteenth, Bank of America Corporate Center at 100 N. Tryon St. and 300 S. Tryon Streets will light their crowns in red, black and green — the colors of the Pan-African Flag — at sunset (approx 8:41pm) on June 19.⁣ ⁣ On Saturd… read more »

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Windows of Hope

Creative News | June 17, 2020

PHOTO CREDIT: Ernest Moren CALL FOR ARTISTS: Windows of Hope DEADLINE: June 19 at 5PM Visual artists … this one’s for you! Turn SouthEnd into an outside art gallery and earn $1,000. Lowe’s, Charlotte Center City Partners and ArtPop Street Gallery are… read more »

John Howard’s 30 Day Design Challenge

CLT Creatives, Videos | May 30, 2020

John Howard is the man. Okay, well, he is A man. But, when it comes to graphic design, he is THE MAN … specifically, an EnglishMAN who’s made Charlotte his home for 20 years. Senior Art Director at HMH, John is also the president of the Queen City… read more »

Greg Schermbeck Wants to Reimagine Education

CLT Nonprofits, Videos | May 26, 2020

If there was ever a time for fresh, innovative thinking about education … that time is now with well over 100,000 students working from home, many of them at or below the poverty line. Thankfully, Greg Schembeck and his team at Schermco are on the… read more »

Dan Nance Paints the Past to Life

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | May 20, 2020

To celebrate May 20, 2020 – Meck Dec Day – Tim chats with Charlottean and historical illustrator, Dan Nance, about pursuing a life that blends his love of history and art … and they talk about growing up in the Queen City. DIG IN DEEPER ON DAN Inst… read more »

Creating More Rhythm in the City Through Artwork

Creative News, Videos | May 13, 2020

Charlotte artist Georgie Nakima applies vibrant color, thought and community to all of her work, whether it’s collaborative projects on Charlotte’s East Side or new work at the Link Apartments in South Charlotte. In this short video created by Charlo… read more »

John Tosco Knows Music Moves You

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | May 12, 2020

John Tosco is mainstay of the Charlotte music scene. Through thick and thin, John has championed music’s ability to lift spirits and build community in the Queen City. It started with inviting friends to hang out and play music in his home and blosso… read more »

EDITORIAL: “Support Local” Means Investing Dollars and Common Sense

Editorials | May 11, 2020

An Editorial from Tim Miner The views expressed below are Tim’s and may not be those of our sponsors. Phase One had begun. My wife and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather … and the newly relaxed rules issued by Governor Cooper …… read more »

She’s back… and she’s GLORIOUS!

Exploring Charlotte | May 7, 2020

The Park Road Shopping Center sign has been getting some TLC since November of last year so, it was definitely a sight for sore eyes after a short rain on Tuesday night. Only one side of the sign has been put back in place today, but custom signage c… read more »

LIVE Q&A Session: Learn About the CARES Act

Creative News, How To/Resources | May 7, 2020

Confused by the CARES Act? Yeah. So are we. Let’s do something about it. Many of us know the CARES Act might be helpful to small businesses and nonprofits, but how do you get started? What does it all mean? On Monday, May 11 at 7PM, a certified finan… read more »

Breast Cancer, Beware Her Right Hook

CLT Creatives | May 7, 2020

Leon Parker is a mixed media artist living in Uptown Charlotte. He works in canvas painting, sculpting, media design, woodwork & more. So, it’s safe to say … he’s a busy man. Yesterday, he shared a photo of a new sculpture he’s calling “Love – Th… read more »

Signs of COVID-19 by Betty Thomas

Creative News, Photography | May 5, 2020

Being contained isn’t good for creatives. They have to get out, see the world and share their interpretation of what they see. In times like these, which are — with no hyperbole — historic, this creative impulse helps all of us process the gravity… read more »

NoDa Gets “Yarn Bombed” with Love

Creative News | May 1, 2020

If you can’t get INTO a building to see art, then the art needs to head outside. Thankfully, Charlotte’s burgeoning mural culture has gotten all of us used to that concept over the last few years and looking for something new around every corner and… read more »

Visions of the Not Normal: Will Jenkins

CLT Avengers, Photo Series, Photography | May 1, 2020

PHOTO CREDIT: Will Jenkins These are truly extraordinary times that will have an indelible impact on the future direction of Charlotte and the world. It is important to capture the images of what all corners of the Queen City are experiencing during… read more »

Creative Contest: Thank Your CLT Restaurants

Charlotte SHOUT!, Videos | April 30, 2020

To support our creative community and to show our appreciation, love and concern for the Queen City restaurant community during the throes of COVID-19, Charlotte is Creative created a content contest. Jeff Dubinsky was selected from the incredible en… read more »

Artist. Mommy. Educator. Residential Bad Ass. Hellraiser. Queen of Dragons. Villain.

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | April 28, 2020

Artist. Mommy. Educator. Residential Bad Ass. Hellraiser. Queen of Dragons. Villain. Our friend “King” Carla Aaron-Lopez uses ALL of these are words above to describe herself … and, it’s a good thing, because she defies definition. We reached out to… read more »

$10,000 – 13 Jobs – 1,000 Meals

CLT Nonprofits, Creative News | April 28, 2020

It’s all about stirring the pot of uncertainty in a positive way … putting more beef in the stew.” Chef Ron Alhert of the Community Culinary School of Charlotte (CCSC) and Tom Sasser of Burke Hospitality Group aren’t known for sitting around. As acti… read more »

Visions of the Not Normal: Heather Liebler

CLT Avengers, Photography | April 26, 2020

PHOTO CREDIT: Heather Liebler Putting the impact of COVID-19 on the world, let alone the people and neighborhoods of our own community, is nearly impossible. While they can’t tell the whole story, photographs and pictures help. To that end, we’ve par… read more »

City of Charlotte Awards Grants to 11 Creative Placemaking Projects

Creative News | May 3, 2020

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the City of Charlotte’s Planning, Design and Development department posted an open call for communities and artists to submit for creative placemaking grants. They recently announced ten placemaking grants and one techni… read more »