3 Biggest Challenges

Liz Clasen-Kelly is Finding Creative Ways to End Homelessness

3 Biggest Challenges, CLT Nonprofits | December 10, 2020

“There is only one Liz-Clasen Kelly. Her voice is one of knowledge, love, courage to do hard things and an unwavering belief that we can end homelessness. She makes us all believe; and that’s exactly what it will take.” – Lou Solomon, Interact Studio… read more »

Charlotte Star Room’s 3 Biggest Challenge

3 Biggest Challenges, CLT Creatives | November 19, 2020

After moving to the Queen City from New York in 2013,  Charlotte Star Room founders Levin and Alexis Chaskey got to work. They didn’t wait for invitations. They did the inviting. Or, they invited themselves. They couldn’t help it. They were excited b… read more »