Charlotte is Creative

Charlotte Is Creative develops programs and initiatives designed to break the Charlotte mold and re-make it with creativity – into a city that draws people in, excites them, and inspires them to invest their financial, social and creative capital. We connect and celebrate Charlotte's creative citizens through live events like CreativeMornings and Queen City Quiz Show. We empower and support them through our HUG (Helpful Unfettered Gift) micro-grant program and related trainings. We inform and entertain our city through our official media channel, The Biscuit. And we're innovating even more programming and platforms to provide further resources for Queen City creatives to be successful. Everything we do is in service of fortifying creativity in Charlotte, championing the diverse people making it happen, and strengthening the mutually-enriching relationship between Charlotte’s creative and business communities.

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation Podcast

Charlotte is Creative | October 31, 2019

Since Matt, Tim and the entire Charlotte Is Creative team is preparing to get “Lost” at CreativeMornings/Charlotte tomorrow, it’s only fitting that their appearance on the Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation podcast would be released today. Check out their… read more »

Wells Fargo Forward – “Initiate” on August 16, 2019

Charlotte is Creative | August 21, 2019

Initiate Below are photographs taken at the first meeting of the inaugural class of Wells Fargo Forward at Camp North End on Friday, August 16. The event was hosted by Charlotte Is Creative and featured speakers, Chas Fagan and Dr. Stephanie Cooper-L… read more »

Queen City Growlers “Mugs for HUGS” Initiative Hits Its Goal

Charlotte is Creative | March 9, 2019

At each month’s meeting of CreativeMornings/Charlotte, local creatives are given HUG micro-grants of $250. HUG stands for “Helpful, Unfettered Gifts.” Creatives can apply for HUGs for for-profit or non-profit projects underway in the Queen City. HUGs… read more »

Four Council Members Rap about CLT … and Tariq Raps for Real

Charlotte is Creative | February 2, 2019

On Friday, February 1, 2019, more than 600 Charlotteans gathered together at 8:15am to hear Charlotte City Council Members Ajmera, Bokhari, Egleston and Winston participate in a “round robin” talk at CreativeMornings/Charlotte. They spoke on the them… read more »

Stacy Smith Knows the Building Codes of Creativity

Charlotte is Creative | January 28, 2019

Ten years after first picking up a needle, Stacy Smith is now co-owner of Tattoo Me Charlotte, was voted one of the top 10 tattoo artists in Charlotte, and has a signature watercolor/boho vibe style that is all her own. All of her pieces are custom,… read more »

You may have seen this Charlotte creative in “The Hate U Give”

Charlotte is Creative | November 17, 2018

Chances are, you’ve seen Brian Lafontaine on screen somewhere. Chances are, you probably didn’t know it. He was an anesthesiologist in an episode of “Homeland.” A doctor in an episode of “Stranger Things.” “Counter Guy” in two episodes of “Dawson’s C… read more »