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This is the most exciting time ever to be creative in the Charlotte region. Our city’s creative energy is surging and we’re growing as a creative destination. A report we worked on back in 2017 revealed that there are more than 58,000 creative jobs spanning 72 for-profit and not-for-profit industries throughout our 16-county region. That’s some impressive creative output (with a big impact on our region’s economy), and The Biscuit’s mission is to tell their stories and shine a bright light on their work.

5 (Or So) Ridiculous Questions with a (Former) Charlottean We Love … Conrad Ricamora

5 Ridiculous Questions, CLT Creatives | January 26, 2021

Conrad Ricamora has starred on a hit TV show, in a Lincoln Center revival of The King and I and in Here Lies Love, Fatboy Slim and The Talking Heads’ David Byrne’s “poperetta” musical – in which the audience takes part – that played at New York’s Pub… read more »

Equal Time: 5 Mesmerizing Minutes from Harvi Panchal

CLT Creatives, Equal Time | January 26, 2021

OrthoCarolina has rolled out an online system designed to help you make an appointment in minutes. Five minutes, to be exact. That got us wondering. What could Charlotte creatives make in five minutes? Well, it turns out that when mixed media artist… read more »

‘How to Adapt to Your New Reality’

CLT Creatives, Creative News | January 21, 2021

“Here I am – 50 years old and starting a restaurant, and then COVID happened. It’s kind of crazy.” – Christa Csoka of The Artisan’s Palate COVID-19 and the attendant economic fallout have pummeled restaurants, galleries and artists.  So, a hybrid res… read more »

Equal Time – Five Minutes of Musical Magic from Noel Freidline & Maria Howell

CLT Creatives, Equal Time | January 20, 2021

OrthoCarolina, has rolled out an online system designed to help you make an appointment in minutes. Five minutes, to be exact. That got us — and the OrthoCarolina team — wondering. What could you create in five minutes?  If you’re Charlotte musical… read more »

PODCAST: How Bluz Rogers Went from Gig Creative to Big Creative

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | January 20, 2021

You may not have heard Charlottean Boris Rogers before, but he hasn’t been silent. Or, perhaps you know him by his stage name, Bluz. That’s a name known … and revered … by artists and creatives across the Queen City. Over the past years, the Emmy-Awa… read more »

December 2020 & January 2021 HUG Micro-Grants

CLT Creatives, HUG Micro-Grants | January 13, 2021

Each month, Charlotte Is Creative awards Queen City creatives with HUG (“Helpful Unfettered Gift”) Micro-grants to help them move their passions and projects along. In December 2020 and January 2021, ten $250 HUGs were awarded with funds provided by… read more »

Our New Best Friend: Matt Alvis

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend | January 12, 2021

There aren’t enough places for Charlotte artists to sell their work. If you disagree with that statement, our new best friend Matt Alvis (known on Instagram at @StencilSpray) will fight you. Okay, that’s hyperbole. He won’t fight you, but he will dis… read more »

Poetry at Work Day: Three Charlotte Poets Share Ideas on How to Celebrate

CLT Creatives | January 12, 2021

Most offices could use a little more lyricism and a lot less “leveraging” and “going after the low-hanging fruit.” In fact, we shouldn’t limit sharing poetry – at work or elsewhere – to just one day. Poetry should be shared often – and especially in… read more »

The BiscuitCLT Podcast: Children’s Book Author Lawrence Gordon

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | January 12, 2021

Lawrence Gordon is a man of many skills, and he applies them in several different arenas. By day, he’s the VP of Workforce Development at Hope Haven, a Charlotte non-profit dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction. At night, he’s also a ba… read more »

Our New Best Friends: Diversity On & Off Stage

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend, Uncategorized | January 6, 2021

Diversity On & Off Stage Charlotte stages can make us laugh, cry, sing and dream … sometimes simultaneously. They often make us confront uncomfortable truths about life. Even now, quieted by COVID-19, stages have the power to inspire us to change… read more »

PODCAST: A Toast to 2021

CLT Creatives | December 31, 2020

2020 has been a year unlike any other, giving all of us room for reflection. In this episode of The Biscuit, we’ve asked a collection of Queen City creatives to help us wish 2020 a fond farewell by sharing one thing learned this past year and to toas… read more »

Our New Best Friends: KiiK Create

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend | December 30, 2020

@KiiKCreate If you thought it was too late to make new best friends this year, think again. After a few months of gawking at their beautiful work on Instagram, we caught up last week with Manoela Madera and Gray Edgerton, the artists behind KiiK Crea… read more »

PODCAST: A Quick Chat with Jody Mace of Charlotte on the Cheap

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, Happenings, Podcasts | December 22, 2020

Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve been able to count of a few things every morning: The sun would still rise. We’d be able to work in PJ pants … again. And, a brand new email from Charlotte on the Cheap was waiting in our inbox. For more than a deca… read more »

An Exhibition of Creative Prowess … and Creative Friendship

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Exploring Charlotte, Happenings | December 17, 2020

“Something fundamental for me is the great joy that comes from having true friends who encourage and promote the artistic work that one does, knowing how complicated this profession can be sometimes.” – Leandro Manzo More than 100 paintings and print… read more »

Five Ways to Combat Cabin Fever

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | December 17, 2020

With school out and cabin fever having set in somewhere around late April, you know what we’re going to recommend — a #PhotoSafari across the city.  It’s time for your pod to mask up and venture into the outdoor wilds of the Queen City for a little… read more »

PHOTO SAFARI: #CountOnMeCLT Window Murals Across Charlotte

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | December 10, 2020

There are many ways to fight a pandemic. One way is with a paintbrush.  Over the past few months, we have shared information about Charlotte artists using their skills to artfully encourage the public to wash their hands, wait six feet apart and wear… read more »

Laura Wolff Sees the Soul of the Skyline

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, Viewfinder | December 10, 2020

If Charlotte’s skyline has a soul, Laura Wolff, gameday photographer for the Charlotte Knights, is in the right place to find it. “I love the Charlotte Skyline because it is always changing,” she said. “Yes, they are always adding buildings to it, bu… read more »

Our New Best Friend: The Bae Hive Agency

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend | December 8, 2020

One of our great joys at The Biscuit is introducing you to fascinating Charlotteans you may not have met. We do that through our interviews, podcasts, photo stories and videos. From time to time, we’ll also recommend an Instagram feed we’ve found and… read more »

Lo’Vonia Parks Answers 5 Ridiculous Questions … on Skates

5 Ridiculous Questions, CLT Creatives | December 3, 2020

It’s no mean feat to slow down Lo’Vonia Parks. She’s been EVERYWHERE in Charlotte this year, from helping create the Black Lives Matter Mural uptown to painting a “Rise Up” rocking chair inspired by Maya Angelou and making lots (and lots) of jewelry…. read more »

Our New Best Friend, @Happy_Mutants, Surprises Us

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, Our New Best Friend | December 3, 2020

We love surprises. And, surprise is exactly what our new best friend, @Happy_Mutants, is all about. In just over a year, this anonymous artist has left more than 100 “mutants” he’s designed and created with a 3-D printer across the city. He looks for… read more »