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This is the most exciting time ever to be creative in the Charlotte region. Our city’s creative energy is surging and we’re growing as a creative destination. A report we worked on back in 2017 revealed that there are more than 58,000 creative jobs spanning 72 for-profit and not-for-profit industries throughout our 16-county region. That’s some impressive creative output (with a big impact on our region’s economy), and The Biscuit’s mission is to tell their stories and shine a bright light on their work.

9  Local for Self-Care During Self-Quarantine

CLT Creatives | April 26, 2020

Not that it was always a party, it’s fair to say that stay-at-home is getting old. To help you pamper yourself while supporting small local businesses, Esther and Elsa, has compiled a collection of local goods you can purchase while self-isolating. T… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Carla Aaron-Lopez

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | April 26, 2020

Artist. Mommy. Educator. Residential Bad Ass. Hellraiser. Queen of Dragons. Villain. ALL of these are words our friend “King” Carla Aaron-Lopez uses to describe herself … and, it’s a good thing, because this woman defies definition. We reached out… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Brian Lafontaine

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | April 26, 2020

You may have seen Brian Lafontaine. In fact, we’re certain of it. From Charlotte stages to movie theatres, TV screens and radio commercials, Brian has done it all. He may not always get to be the leading man, but he’s ALWAYS working. He’s also the ho… read more »

She Built This City … on Wheels

CLT Creatives, Editorials | April 22, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story of #CreativityInCaptivity was originally shared by Charlottean Demi Clark, founder of She Built This City. Demi was part of the SEED20 Class of 2020. We are sharing it here, unedited, with her permission. It’s a “new normal,… read more »

SHOUTing! from the Rooftops

CLT Creatives | April 22, 2020

Charlotte Musicians, In collaboration with Charlotte Center City Partners, we are seeking CLT musicians who would like to contribute to a new content series called “SHOUTing from the Rooftops” that we’re featuring in The Biscuit, our media channel ab… read more »

Creative Challenge: CLT Restaurant Edition

CLT Creatives, Happenings | April 21, 2020

Today, we are kicking off a weekly challenge series to get your creative juices flowing and give out a few prizes along the way. Every week we will choose one winner to receive a $50 prize. This week, the challenge is to create a piece of creative co… read more »

Timelapse Video: Watch Emerson Stoldt Build a Masterpiece

CLT Creatives, Videos | April 21, 2020

Since the onset of stay-at-home, we’ve encouraged creatives from across the Queen City to share their #CreativityInCaptivity. So, it was an absolute treat to get this timelapse video of Optimist Park resident, Emerson Stoldt, creating a large paintin… read more »

Corona Heart Art — Close Encounters of the Human Kind

CLT Creatives, Editorials | April 15, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story of #CreativityInCaptivity was originally shared by Charlottean Blake Marler. We are sharing it here with her permission. How are you staying creative at home? How are you interacting with the world? Tell us here. I’m no arti… read more »

CATCh: Charlotte Area Sweded Film Festival Now Open

CLT Creatives, Happenings | April 9, 2020

Local comedy theater launches film contest that everyone can enter.

The Front Steps Project Turns Photos into Food

CLT Creatives, CLT Nonprofits, Happenings | April 8, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article was written by a close friend of The Biscuit, Tonya Reid. Tonya is a hairdresser and owner of T. Reid & Company, a salon and spa that has been cutting it up in Charlotte since 2001. T. Reid and Company is also a proud… read more »

Shy Siren Isn’t Shy About Helping CLT Creatives

CLT Creatives, Happenings | April 7, 2020

What’s better than creatives helping creatives? How about creatives helping creatives help creatives? And that’s exactly what Sara Schwittek, one of our favorite creatives in the Queen City, is doing with her brand, Shy Siren Jewelry. Creativity ofte… read more »

Social Media Advice From Charlotte Is Creative’s Social Media Scoundrel

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources | April 3, 2020

Remember in The Wizard of OZ, when the curtain at the Emerald City was pulled back and the Wizard was revealed to be just some regular dude? Well, I’d like to pull back the curtain of Charlotte Is Creative’s social media accounts and reveal myself as… read more »

How Roses & Azalea is Coping with Covid

CLT Creatives, Creative News | April 1, 2020

The post below was posted on Instagram by Jenny Melick, co-founder of Roses & Azalea, a Charlotte company that opened in 2019 producing personal care and beauty products with organic botanicals and natural ingredients. We share it here with Jenny… read more »

Housebound Hits: Armando Bellmas

CLT Creatives | March 31, 2020

Like all of us, Armando Bellmas, vice president of marketing and operation at the McColl Center for Art + Innovation, is adjusting to stay-at-home life. The Center is on top of it already, offering a selection of online workshops, but how is he doing… read more »

#CreativityInCapivity: 31 Creative Things You CAN Do During Stay-At-Home

CLT Creatives, Happenings | March 25, 2020

On Tuesday, Mecklenburg County issued a stay-at-home proclamation that will go in effect starting Thursday, March 26 at 8am and will run through April 16th. (UPDATE: It is now in effect until at least April 29.) By issuing the stay-at-home, officials… read more »

Kris Reid Cares About the Local Food System

CLT Creatives, Editorials | March 20, 2020

“You know what’s more contagious than [coronavirus] … Fear is way more contagious.” – Kris Reid Calling it a crisis would be putting it mildly. Kris Reid is fielding calls and e-mails from chefs, restaurant owners and farmers from across the Charlo… read more »

5 Ridiculous Questions with Alyssa Pressler

CLT Creatives | March 12, 2020

Alyssa Pressler Owner, That’s Novel Books Director of Marketing, Hygge Special Sections Editor, Business North Carolina Instagram | Web Site   To call Charlottean Alyssa Pressler a “logophile” (lover of words) is a colossal understatement. It ju… read more »

My 3 Biggest Challenges with Lindsey Braciale

CLT Creatives | March 12, 2020

Lindsey Braciale Founder and CEO Social Entrepreneur & Disability Disruptor Advocations By her own admission, Lindsey Braciale is a “serial social entrepreneur.” She founded her company, Advocations, in 2009 to help companies fundamentally change… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast: Winston Robinson (AKA Wilmo)

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | March 12, 2020

It’s hard to find someone who is more fiercely proud of being a native Charlottean than Winston Robinson. Winston is so tied to his community, his nickname is”Wilmo” —  inspired by his native neighborhood of Wilmore. Winston sees the Queen City with… read more »

5 Ridiculous Questions with Tre’ McGriff

CLT Creatives | March 5, 2020

Charlotte is a town replete with meetings and events. Diverse. Engaging. Plentiful. If you like meeting, you’ll find no shortage of them to attend. But, after a while, you need a barometer. Is this meeting worth my time? Should I be here? Tough to te… read more »