Exploring Charlotte

Maybe you’re new to Charlotte. Or maybe you’ve been here for a while, but are still eager to get plugged in. We’re your guide to the surging creative energy of our city – the diverse neighborhoods, the colorful details, the must-see projects, the must-attend events, and all the ways to get involved. (After all, you become a true Charlottean the moment you get your uniform dirty.) In addition to covering the newest Queen City creators, offerings and trends, we’re equally passionate about making sure you know the trailblazing people, businesses and organizations that have been keeping the creative pilot light burning in Charlotte for decades. (After all, they laid the foundation for the rest of us.) And in our ongoing series #WhereAreWeInCLT, you can always count on us to capture the vibrant details and delights hiding in plain sight, around every corner of the city. Our team always has our eyes peeled, searching for the next surprise to share. Our goal is to inspire you to explore Charlotte and discover fascinating areas of Crown Town that just might become your new favorite spot.

Featured on @CLTBlackOwned – Week of August 3 Recap

Exploring Charlotte, How To/Resources | August 13, 2020

Each week the creative team at @CLTBlackOwned — Maddy, Jeff, Ashley and Jeremy — highlights a different Black-owned business in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Our city has a wide community of Black-owned retailers, restauranteurs, service-prov… read more »

Explore Charlotte’s Neighborhood Street Murals – Part Two

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | August 13, 2020

Take a walk on the artistic side! This summer, the City of Charlotte Placemaking department also organized 14 artists and artist groups to paint 15 street murals in neighborhoods across the city. Artists selected from the program’s artist pool were a… read more »

Featured on @CLTBlackOwned – Week of July 26 Recap

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | August 4, 2020

Each week the creative team at @CLTBlackOwned — Maddy, Jeff, Ashley and Jeremy — highlights a different Black-owned business in Charlotte and the surrounding area Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, they ask you for business suggestions or highlig… read more »

Celebrating Paperback Book Day With 8 CLT Bookstores

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2020

85 years ago, the humble paperback book as we know it today was invented. (Is it just us or doesn’t it feel like paperback books should be way older than that?) In honor of the day Penguin Books published their first 10 paperback novels in 1935, ever… read more »

Don’t Dis’ the Dog!

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2020

  People say you shouldn’t ask what goes into hot dogs, but that doesn’t work for us. We’re curious. We like to know EXACTLY how the sausage … er … hot dog is made. Here at The Biscuit, we have an insatiable appetite for information about th… read more »

Explore Charlotte’s Neighborhood Street Murals – Part One

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2020

There are many ways to build a city. A city of more than buildings, roads and support systems. And, while planners and architects, developers and construction workers build the incredible infrastructure of our home here, so do creatives and artists…. read more »

Queen City Cinephiles Unite for 1CLT Film Fest

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | July 23, 2020

Don’t let anyone tell you that Charlotte is not a film town. Scores of movies and televisions shows been filmed here and Charlotte is also the home for a plethora of film festivals. Unfortunately, this year has really thrown all of us for a loop. Whi… read more »

Get Ink-cited About National Tattoo Day

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | July 17, 2020

To celebrate National Tattoo Day, we’ve compiled a list of a few Charlotte tattoo shops that always catch our eye when drive by (and scroll by on Instagram). Each of these parlors is filled to the brim with talented artists who run the gamut of style… read more »

Broken Crowns: The Truth About the Meck Deck

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, Videos | May 18, 2020

BROKEN NEWS! We’ve found the answer to Charlotte’s biggest secret! For years, scholars and citizens alike have broken their backs to prove or disprove the existence of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. After years of questing, we have an i… read more »

The Queen City stands in for The Big Apple

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | May 15, 2020

“There is so much art in our city, and it’s such a gift to us. So often, we drive right by it. But if you can take the time to slow down and really notice it, you’ll see it’s amazing.” – Brooke Brown Brooke Brown was supposed to be walking around Man… read more »

She’s back… and she’s GLORIOUS!

Exploring Charlotte | May 7, 2020

The Park Road Shopping Center sign has been getting some TLC since November of last year so, it was definitely a sight for sore eyes after a short rain on Tuesday night. Only one side of the sign has been put back in place today, but custom signage c… read more »

Brawley’s Beverage

Exploring Charlotte, Where Are We in CLT? | May 7, 2020

Is it just us … or does it looks like she knows something we don’t? Here’s something we DO know — tomorrow is Friday and that is cause for celebration and the last day of the initial round of stay-at-home orders. And what’s a celebration without a fe… read more »

5 Things to Buy If All Your New Close Friends Are Your Plants

Exploring Charlotte, How To/Resources | April 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: This list of locally curated botanical beauties was provided by Rashida Moore of Esther and Elsa Retail to add some greenery to your home. If we can’t go outside, we might as well bring outside, inside! The team at Esther and Elsa is c… read more »

Interesting Events – Punk Flea Market, Nonprofit Bytes, Star Wars Symphony & More

Exploring Charlotte, Happenings | March 12, 2020

What’s going down in Crown Town? A lot! It’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too much to fit in one article, so we decided to narrow it down to 12 of our favorite events happening over the next few weeks in the Queen City. You know how the saying goes: Charlotte’s go… read more »

Interesting Events – PB&J Sandwiches, PurrCussion, Hope Vibes & More

Exploring Charlotte, Happenings | March 5, 2020

Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when CLT events come for you? We’ve got 12 events coming in hot to the Queen City that we’re interested in and think you will be, too. There’s plenty on tap for the next week, so let’s dive in belo… read more »

Interesting Events – Anatomy Exploration, Winston Robinson on “Identity,” HERstory & More

CreativeMornings/CLT, Exploring Charlotte, Happenings | February 27, 2020

So much to do, so little time! We have 12 events happening in the Queen City that deserve to be on your calendar. Any week that includes a scientific exploration of the body, a creative discussion on identity, deep fried Girl Scout cookies, art shows… read more »

Interesting Events – Moving Poets, A New (Used) Bookstore, CLT Pride & More

Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers, Happenings | February 20, 2020

We have a brand new batch of 13 Charlotte events we’re excited about over the next week … especially on the bonus Saturday we have coming up. If you’re like us, you want to take full advantage of the Leap Year and use your extra day doing something… read more »

Four To Follow: Picks from the Latin American Coalition (La Coalición)

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | February 18, 2020

The Latin American Coalition (La Coalición), is one of the oldest pro-immigrant non-profit organizations in Charlotte. La Coalición builds a community of Latin Americans, immigrants, and allies while promoting full and equal participation of all peop… read more »

Interesting Events – A Night in Rio, Book Swap, Bike Parade & More

Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers, Happenings | February 13, 2020

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We’ve compiled a list of 12 interesting Charlotte events that will add a little extra fun to your life! Read below to learn more about how you can spend A Night in Rio, swap stories, celebrate local artists, make a li… read more »

@CLT.Remedy’s Picks for National Chopsticks Day!

Exploring Charlotte | February 6, 2020

Guest writers (siblings AND pharmacists), Kriska Woods and Emmanuel Carandang, explore the Queen City culinary world every day on @CLT.Remedy. National Chopsticks Day is officially February 6. But, really, EVERY DAY should be Chopsticks Day. Whether… read more »