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From awesome event spaces and training classes, to funding sources and career development opportunities, to powerful creative tools and new ways of looking at old problems, we're dedicated to putting valuable resources onto the radars of all Queen City creatives.

7 Deadly Sins of Media Relations

Editorials, How To/Resources | February 2, 2021

Bless me, for I have sinned. Once upon a time, I worked in public relations. It was my job to entice Charlotte media to cover stories and events for clients and organizations I represented. I made mistakes along the way. A lot of them. I learned as m… read more »

Celebrating Charlotte’s Latinx Creatives

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources | October 15, 2020

September 15 through October 15, we’re celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month by sharing glimpses of Charlotte’s incredible Latinx creatives on our Instagram feed. To help us determine who to feature, we asked our followers to give us suggestio… read more »

Take A Trip To The Museum This Weekend!

Happenings, How To/Resources | September 25, 2020

It’s time to go on a field trip … because museums are back open! With the start of Phase 2.5 on September 4, North Carolina museums are allowed to open and operate at a 50% capacity. Many Charlotte-area museums have decided to open their doors agai… read more »

New Fund Established to Invest in Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Creatives

CLT Nonprofits, Creative News, How To/Resources | September 17, 2020

Charlotte is Creative, Hue House, Arts & Science Council (ASC) and Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC) are pleased to announce the Charlotte-Mecklenburg CARES for Arts, Culture & Creativity Fund with a mission to directly invest in and impact… read more »

Teen Actor’s Lab Offers Students a Safe Space to Study, Socialize and Share the Stage

Creative News, How To/Resources | September 8, 2020

“I wanted Annabelle to have a way to connect with others her age. I’m so thankful to the Blumenthal for creating this outlet. There’s a limited pool of arts programming during normal times. It’s a huge blessing to have this now.” – Marie Duty Like ma… read more »

Photography Opportunity: August 2020

How To/Resources | September 7, 2020

We want to see your neighborhood through your lens. Earlier this year, in partnership with Charlotte Ledger, we asked several photographers to show us 10-12 photos that demonstrated how their community was handling COVID-19. We wanted this to paint a… read more »

Illustration Opportunity: Sept. 2020

How To/Resources | September 6, 2020

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to lift up the work creatives are doing to keep their own souls and the soul of the city up by doing inspiring work. Where we can, we’ve commissioned creatives to do new work we can share throughout programs… read more »

Featured on @CLTBlackOwned – Week of August 17 Recap

Exploring Charlotte, How To/Resources | August 26, 2020

Each week the team at @CLTBlackOwned — Maddy, Jeff, Ashley and Jeremy — highlights a different Black-owned business in Charlotte and the surrounding area. The Queen City has a rich community of Black-owned retailers, restauranteurs, service-provide… read more »

Featured on @CLTBlackOwned – Week of August 3 Recap

Exploring Charlotte, How To/Resources | August 13, 2020

Each week the creative team at @CLTBlackOwned — Maddy, Jeff, Ashley and Jeremy — highlights a different Black-owned business in Charlotte and the surrounding area. Our city has a wide community of Black-owned retailers, restauranteurs, service-prov… read more »

Creative Fellows Needed for Community Initiatives in Lakewood

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources | August 5, 2020

If you have a passion to help communities prosper, are looking to make a positive social and civic change, and can commit 5 hours a week, the League of Creative Interventionists (LoCI) wants to hear from you. LoCI is accepting applications for its Fe… read more »

Creative Resources: Two ASC Support Grants Now Open

Creative News, How To/Resources | July 28, 2020

With so much upheaval these last few months, it’s nice when there is some normalcy that seems to come every once in a while.  Sure, there have been some really innovative and creative ways to keep our local artists, musicians and creatives moving for… read more »

Summer Breeze by Rachel Green

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources, Videos | July 23, 2020

Happy National Tequila Day! We love our “cocktail creatives” in the Queen City and Rachael Green is one of our absolute faves. To help us celebrate the prestigious holiday on Friday, July 24, she’s sharing her super quick (and super-refreshing) recip… read more »

Have the Coolest Zoom in the Room

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources | July 21, 2020

Do you remember life before Zoom and other online meeting platforms? Yeah. Neither do we. It looks like Zoom is going to be with us for awhile, so let’s make the most of it. Somewhere at the end of March or the beginning of April, most of us began to… read more »

Three Funds Available NOW to Innovative Queen City Creatives

Creative News, How To/Resources | June 29, 2020

This year has not been easy for anyone … and we’re not exactly sure what the future will look like. Disruption is everywhere. But, disruption exposes holes in existing systems and opens up possibilities for enterprising and innovative creatives. To… read more »

DEC(OH)DE: Crafting Careful Messaging in Crisis

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources, Videos | June 2, 2020

You want to speak to your community about the state of the world in crisis, but you’re worried about how to do it. Ohavia Phillips has got your back. She wants you to speak out, but with care, planning and intelligence. The death of George Floyd may… read more »

3 Changes to Make Your Web Site Immediately

How To/Resources | May 30, 2020

It’s almost impossible to think people could spend more time online than they already were, but the COVID-19 outbreak has made the impossible happen. With a large percentage of the local, national and global population folks staying home and living a… read more »

Life as a Co-Parent During a Pandemic

Editorials, How To/Resources | May 20, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story of #CreativityInCaptivity was originally shared by Charlottean Jennifer Olin. She shared with us her story of co-parenting during the COVID-19 outbreak. We share her unedited words here. If there is one thing I will take awa… read more »

RECIPE: Amal’s Amazing Hummus

How To/Resources, Recipes | May 12, 2020

This recipe was shared by Charlotte Is Creative’s project manager, Melissa Dorsch. National Hummus Day is May 13. What better way to celebrate than with a nice creamy bowl of chickpea heaven?  This recipe comes from a friend’s mother-in-law named Ama… read more »

LIVE Q&A Session: Learn About the CARES Act

Creative News, How To/Resources | May 7, 2020

Confused by the CARES Act? Yeah. So are we. Let’s do something about it. Many of us know the CARES Act might be helpful to small businesses and nonprofits, but how do you get started? What does it all mean? On Monday, May 11 at 7PM, a certified finan… read more »

Twist & SHOUT! Thai Tea Cocktail Recipe from Rachael Green

How To/Resources, Twist & SHOUT!, Videos | April 28, 2020

Cheers! It’s Tuesday. Sounds like the perfect time to unveil the first episode of our new series “Twist and SHOUT!” Each installment will feature an instructional video from some of Charlotte’s most creative mixologists. Today, CLT mixologist Rachael… read more »