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Ohavia Phillips Shares Her Who Built Me Story

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | June 8, 2020

In an effort to define social capital and show the profound effects it has on our community, we’re introducing a new series of podcasts called Who Built Me. We’ve asked several prominent Charlotteans to talk about the people and ideas that have shape… read more »

“Who Built Me” Podcast with Toni Freeman

Podcasts | May 25, 2020

In an effort to define social capital and show the profound effects it has on our community, we’re introducing a new series of podcasts called “Who Built Me.” We’ve asked several prominent Charlotteans to talk about the people that helped shape them… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast: Winston Robinson (AKA Wilmo)

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | March 12, 2020

It’s hard to find someone who is more fiercely proud of being a native Charlottean than Winston Robinson. Winston is so tied to his community, his nickname is”Wilmo” —  inspired by his native neighborhood of Wilmore. Winston sees the Queen City with… read more »

The Biscuit CLT Podcast: Classic Black at the Mint Museum

Podcasts | March 5, 2020

Classic Black is the most recent sculptural exhibition at the Mint Museum Randolph. Inspired by the hauntingly dark and matte basalt sculptures of Josiah Wedgwood. The sculptures are striking in their own right, but they’re presented in conjunction w… read more »

The Biscuit CLT Podcast – Franco Fasoli & Octavio Garabello

Podcasts | February 26, 2020

Earlier this week, Biscuit-Maker, Matt Olin, sat down with Jen Edwards, John W. Love, Jr, Hilary Burt and Neely Verano to discuss “Angels to Anathema,” a Sphere series discussion about how our perspectives on works of art change when our opinions of… read more »

The Biscuit CLT Podcast: Sphere Series/Angels to Anathema

Podcasts | February 24, 2020

In 2016, Charlotte art mavens Jen Sudul Edwards, Hillary Burt and Neely Verano came together to form The Sphere Series, a collection of panel discussions centered around contemporary art and how we view our own society through the lens of art. On Wed… read more »

CreativeMornings Charlotte Rewind: Stacy Cassio Invests in You

Podcasts | February 13, 2020

At the February gathering of CreativeMornings/Charlotte held at The Comedy Zone, Stacy Cassio delivered a moving talk on the global theme of “Invest.” As the founder and CEO of Pink Mentor Network, Stacy is leading by example by investing in the wome… read more »

The Biscuit CLT Podcast Gets Odd … with The Odd Couple

Podcasts | January 30, 2020

On this week’s episode of The Biscuit CLT Podcast, our producer Andy Goh ventured into the wild, wonderful world of Charlotte’s community theater scene. More specifically, he crashed a recent rehearsal of Theatre Charlotte’s production of The Odd Cou… read more »

Liner Notes Podcast: Cyanca

Podcasts | January 23, 2020

Neo-soul and R&B singer/songwriter Cyanca released “I’m Staying Home,” her second EP in the spring of 2019. By the end of the year, her lead single “Patti Mayonnaise” had been named song of the year by Queen City Nerve. This success has helped le… read more »

CM REWIND PODCAST: Adrienne & Emmanuel Threatt of Hope Vibes

Podcasts | January 9, 2020

At the first CreativeMornings/Charlotte of the new decade, Emmanuel and Adrienne Threatt of Hope Vibes delivered a stirring presentation in the hall of Myers Park Presbyterian Church. Hope Vibes is a non-profit organization here in Charlotte that pro… read more »

Liner Notes: Middle C Jazz

Podcasts | January 1, 2020

In today’s batch of The Biscuit CLT Podcast, producer Andy Goh talks to Middle C co-owner Adam Farber. Adam founded Middle C with his father, Larry, after seeing the need for high-level live jazz. Considering the closure of local music venue staples… read more »

LINER NOTES: Maria Howell and Noel Freidline

Podcasts | December 19, 2019

On this week’s episode of the Biscuit CLT Podcast, producer Andy Goh talks to long-time Charlotte jazz musicians, pianist Noel Freidline and singer Maria Howell. Hear Noel and Maria talk about Maria’s Gastonia roots and having a show-stealing scene i… read more »

Creative Besties Podcast: Tony & Becky Santoro and YUNG Citizen

Podcasts | September 6, 2019

YUNG Citizen is a hip hop producer and rapper, whose project, The F.I.T EP was released earlier this summer. The four-track work looks at the authenticity of friendships in the digital era, satisfaction with one’s self and the rapper’s ode to his unb… read more »

CreativeMornings Rewind with Joni Deutsch

Podcasts | December 12, 2019

To celebrate the 50th consecutive gathering of CreativeMornings/Charlotte, you’d better have a big voice giving the keynote talk … especially when the global theme of the month is “Silence.” That’s why the Charlotte chapter turned to the “best hair… read more »

Biscuit CLT Podcast: CreativeMornings/Charlotte 50th Event

Podcasts | December 5, 2019

Four and a half years ago, Matt Olin was looking for a way to lift up the creative community in Charlotte. Through his work with the Good Life Project, he’d heard of Tina Roth Eisenberg and CreativeMornings, the global community she’d created to do j… read more »

Black Friday Podcast … with Katie Black

Podcasts | November 29, 2019

A few weeks ago, local podcaster, Katie Black interviewed Biscuit publishers, Matt Olin and Tim Miner, on “The Katie Black Show.”  (That interview drops on Dec. 4.) To repay the favor, Matt and Tim asked Katie to join them for a live taping of The Bi… read more »

BISCUIT Podcast: The Haas Brothers at SOCO Gallery

Podcasts | November 21, 2019

The Haas Brothers saw design … & it opened up their eyes. They saw design. Finding artists who are twin brothers is rare. Finding twin artists on a mission to champion design is even rarer. But, when you can find twin artists who use Ace of Bas… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast: Hope Vibes & Charles Thomas

Podcasts | November 14, 2019

In this episode of The Biscuit CLT Podcast, Tim Miner talks to Emmanuel and Adrienne Threatt at Community Matters Cafe. Their conversation covers the founding of their organization, Hope Vibes, how they balance running a non-profit and a relationship… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast: Jason Hausman

Podcasts | November 7, 2019

Husband. Father. Friend, Emmy-winning Composer and Sound Designer. Singer. Songwriter. Guitarist. Drummer. Hunt-and-Peck Pianist. Master Falconer. Lover of Old Cars and Motorcycles. Pack Animal. Madman Hiding in Plain Sight. How do we sufficiently ca… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast from 980Fest

For Newcomers, Podcasts | October 25, 2019

Charlotte Is Creative held the inaugural 980Fest at Divine Barrel Brewing in NoDa on Oct. 19, 2019 — and The Biscuit Podcast was on the scene. In today’s episode of the Biscuit podcast, Matt Olin and Tim Miner kick off the show. Then, Andy talks to… read more »