When we launched The Biscuit in 2018, we decided to make a video called LimeDog about a dog-sharing app that was sure to be the next wave in the “sharing economy.” Since then, we’ve gotten pretty good at making funny videos that comment on things happening in Charlotte through a new lens. We love collaborating with our fellow creatives on these vids, including that time the Charlotte Squawks folks asked us to create videos for their 2019 show. So take a big bite – but beware, this Biscuit is known to bite you back.

WOW! That’s What I Call Christmas: 2020

Videos | December 16, 2020

The holidays are upon us. And, after the traumatic year we’ve all had, many of us are simply trying to blot out a tumultuous 2020 with twinkle lights, adorned trees and carols.  However, many of the beloved songs of the season just don’t seem to ring… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: A Quick Chat with Leonard Love

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | November 10, 2020

Charlotte-area native Leonard Love, is no stranger to fitness. As a high school football player at Butler High School, he was a second-team All-Mecklenburg selection by the Charlotte Observer. He was a member of the Appalachian State team during the… read more »

WHO BUILT ME: Dexter Jordan was Composed by a Fellow Artist

CLT Creatives, Music, Videos, Who Built Me | November 5, 2020

Charlotte R & B singer Dexter Jordan is gifting us with his gorgeous voice and layered harmonies on the very week we all need the healing power of music.  His new EP, Dexterity, is out now and it’s got a lineup that will have listeners searching… read more »

Pizza Questin’ & Box Collectin’ with Peter Reinhart & Scott Wiener

Videos | October 2, 2020

It’s an understatement that the era of COVID-19 has been tricky for the restaurant industry. But, pizza — the ultimate comfort food — is apparently staying hot. To explore why, Tim Miner grabbed a slice of time with two foremost pizza experts. Char… read more »

BISCUIT BLITZ: A Quick Chat with Varian Shrum

Videos | September 24, 2020

Prepare to experience extreme “Houseplant Envy!” Camp North End Community Manager and domestic green thumb, Varian Shrum, has been facing down a riddle this year: How do you gather people together in real life when you’re not allowed to do that? For… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: A Quick Chat with Sydney Duarte

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | September 17, 2020

Since her first day on Planet Earth, Sydney Duarte (AKA The Traveling Gypsy) has been a bright bolt of creative energy and positivity. And in the 18 years she’s been in Charlotte since moving here from Kentucky, she has shared her energy and smile wi… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: Chris Cureton of BOLTGROUP

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | September 2, 2020

Waxhaw native son, Chris Cureton, is Creative Director at BOLTGROUP, a design innovation firm with a 35-year history in the Queen City. On today’s Biscuit Blitz, he chats with Matt about ways that the Black Lives Matter movement has added a “refreshe… read more »

“Who Built Me” – Siu Challons-Lipton, D.Phil.

Videos, Who Built Me | August 19, 2020

Each of us is the product of our experiences in life. We’re shaped and built by those who extend us their time, their insights, their care, experiences and connections. Today, Siu Challons-Lipton, D.Phil., Executive Director of the Department of Art,… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: A Fast Chat with Jewel Pearson

CLT Creatives, Videos | August 16, 2020

When Charlotte creative Jewel Pearson embarked on her journey to build a tiny house, she never envisioned the big adventure it would become. In an effort to simplify her own life, Jewel has become a prominent voice in a brand new movement, appearing… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: A Quick Convo with Dr. Keith Cradle

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | August 5, 2020

Charlotte, the doctor will see you now. Dr. Keith Cradle, that is. With nearly three decades of Charlotte now in his blood, this JCSU/UNCC/Pfeiffer/Walden alum is impacting our city in many ways — from his work as the Director of Youth and Juvenile… read more »

SHOUTing Match! – “Up Above My Head”

Charlotte SHOUT!, Videos | August 5, 2020

To help keep up Charlotte’s spirits during the COVID-19, we’ve partnered with Charlotte SHOUT! and Charlotte Center City Partners to encourage Queen City creatives to team up for SHOUTing Matches — short, shareable creative mash-ups. Charlotte SHOUT!… read more »

He Watched 375 Movies in 365 Days! (For Reals.)

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 29, 2020

“In a world, where a man watched one movie every day for a year …” Now, THAT’S a film we want to watch. Chances are, if it exists, Andres Echevarria already has. Andres is a man with vision. A man with incredible foresight. A year before COVID-19 s… read more »

Sophie Miller’s Voice is Brave and Beautiful

CLT Creatives, Videos | July 28, 2020

The world is full of reasons to be upset these days, but the creative spirit shines through adversity. It reaches out and lifts us all. It finds its way into the streets and lifts up our community. That is certainly the case with Sophie Miller, a you… read more »

Wesley Mancini Gets Biscuit Blitzed

Videos | July 28, 2020

Award-winning fabric designer Wesley Mancini has a tenure of nearly four decades in “the greater Charlotte area” (33 years in QC proper!) and has experienced a lot, but nothing could have prepared him for the kind of disruption that a global pandemic… read more »

Bold Music Gets Bolder

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 23, 2020

After graduating from Davidson College, George Ramsay moved to Charlotte and emersed himself in his passion — music. He found the Charlotte music community to be inviting, inclusive and powerfully talented. That led George and his friend Dean Willia… read more »

Summer Breeze by Rachel Green

CLT Creatives, How To/Resources, Videos | July 23, 2020

Happy National Tequila Day! We love our “cocktail creatives” in the Queen City and Rachael Green is one of our absolute faves. To help us celebrate the prestigious holiday on Friday, July 24, she’s sharing her super quick (and super-refreshing) recip… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: A Short Chat with Sen. Jeff Jackson

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | July 22, 2020

Senator Jeff Jackson has called the Queen City home for a decade, and he’s already created an admirable (and growing) legacy of leadership and service. As the representative of District 37 — that’s one-fifth of Mecklenburg County — he now finds him… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Ju-Don Marshall

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 17, 2020

Turns out, WFAE’s Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President, Ju-Don Marshall, is on her second tour of duty in Charlotte. During her first stint 25 years ago, she worked at the Charlotte Observer. Now, she oversees news and programming for o… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Gau Gupte

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 6, 2020

Gaurav (Gau) Gupte is a Principal at Odell Associates, and his talent as a designer and architect can be seen all along the East Coast. During his two decades (and counting) as a Charlottean, this self-proclaimed introvert has been making his mark on… read more »

Every Day Is An Adventure with Jen Edwards

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | July 1, 2020

In this edition of the Biscuit Blitz, Jen Sudul Edwards raps with Matt Olin about her roles as chief curator for the Mint Museum and board chair for Goodyear Arts (among others roles), and how the pandemic has forced her to embrace the mantra, “Every… read more »