#CreativityInCaptivity – Boingo Bouncing Back


EDITOR’S NOTE: This story of #CreativityInCaptivity was originally shared by Charlottean Linda Kirby, executive vice president of Boingo Graphics. Boingo is a sponsor of CreativeMornings/Charlotte and is an active supporter of the Queen City nonprofit and creative community through their Boingo Cares program. Like most small businesses, Boingo has had to think fast to serve their customers and keep their team employed. We asked Linda about the strategies they’ve enacted to shift and share her comments here, unedited, with her permission.

Things have been changing so fast – we got creative!

Covid-19 changed everything about our world. Like you, we had to make adjustments
quickly to ensure continued support for our community’s critical communications needs.

We responded with a creative approach that allowed us to keep Boingo “essential” and to
expand our operations to handle the demand and keep our team healthy!

Our Boingo Team has been split into three groups:

  • Graphic Designers, Writers/Editors, and Project Managers are working remotely.
  • Our Production Crew has been divided into two teams, each working 3 days a week.
    This allows for social distancing and reduces the chance of contamination.
  • As a bonus, we now have six days of production a week, including Saturdays!

These efforts are in place to not only increase social distancing within our company, but
also to be of help to you during this challenging time.

Remember: stay safe, stay healthy and stay CREATIVE.

Learn more about Linda and Boingo: WEB | INSTAGRAM