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Incite Creativity, Ignite Results
Charlotte Is Creative is passionate about partnering with companies and organizations to design and deliver customized Employee Engagement Programs. Our work helps fortify the morale, connectedness, and overall retention of employees, team members, and leaders.

The Hard Truth:
Foster Your Employees’ Creativity...or Lose Them

Creativity is a proven driver of innovation and growth, but unfortunately, many companies do not sufficiently support a culture of creativity within their departments and teams. Employees who work where creativity feels unsupported report lower levels of personal, team, and organizational performance, are less engaged and fulfilled, and are more likely to say they're looking for another job.

This problem is widespread in Corporate America. A recent Softchoice survey found that only 25 percent of employees feel encouraged to challenge the status quo at their company. This points to a resistance to innovation and growth, which negatively impacts the bottom line. 

By infusing workplaces with the chief tenets of creativity -- including communication, connection, cohesion, leadership, and fun -- employees become more passionate and committed to their employer, their colleagues, and their city. And that’s how companies retain talent.

The Solution: Create a Pro-Creativity Workplace Culture:
We Can Help!

Gallup's 2017 American Workplace Survey of more than 16,500 employees revealed a critical shortage of the three foundational factors needed to foster creativity in the workplace:

  • Expectations to be creative at work
  • Time to be creative
  • Freedom to take the risks necessary to be creative

Without these factors, your employees will ultimately seek a more fulfilling job somewhere else -- thereby perpetuating the costly cycle of replacing them. Charlotte Is Creative’s Employee Engagement Programs are designed to rewire your employees and company culture to place a premium on being creative at work -- and thus, creating a workplace where employees feel productive, dedicated and fulfilled. 

Each program is bespoke in nature, with components being mutually determined with company leaders to determine the ideal series of engagements to achieve your specific goals (e.g., retention; morale; culture; communication; leadership; creativity, and creative thinking; etc). Our programs often leverage inspiring talks from trailblazers, exciting performances from artists, and lively activities about participants’ colleagues and city. The end result is team members who are more deeply connected to Charlotte, each other, and the work they do within the company.

Our Employee Engagement Programs are great for all employees, including members of your team who are new to the organization, new to Charlotte, or both. Our program helps participants feel more at home on your team and in the Queen City.

We work with teams, departments and entire workforces. Depending on the program, in-person sessions usually involve 10-100 participants per session, while virtual sessions can scale larger.

Recent Clients

Wells Fargo

  • 100 participants
  • 12-month program featuring 3 in-person events and 3 virtual events


  • 35 participants per session
  • 6-month program of virtual sessions

Jack Henry & Associates

  • 12 participants
  • One-time session (2 hours)


  • 25 participants
  • One-time session (90 minutes)

Session Topics Include:

  • Breaking Through Internal Silos
  • Valuing Creativity and Creative Risk-Taking
  • Establishing Safe Space & Communication to Nurture Innovation
  • Incorporating Curiosity and Creativity into Critical Thinking
  • Incite Creativity, Ignite Results
  • The Power of Collaboration
  • Creative Risk-taking for Employees and Teams
  • Fostering Inter-Departmental Curiosity
  • Injecting Joy into the Work Day
  • Make Your Virtual Meetings Truly Engaging
  • The Art of Actionable Feedback
  • Harnessing Effective Imagination
  • The Power of Connection in Unleashing Your Creative Potential
  • Championing the Workplace Culture You Desire
  • Creativity Hacks Laboratory
  • Non-Transactional Networking

Let’s talk!

Each program we create is custom-tailored to the specific size, needs, and objectives of the client.
Reach out to us at hello@charlotteiscreative.com to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals.

Feedback from past programs:

What did you think of the program?

“Every time I went to one of these events, it always left me inspired to do better and be better.”

“This was a unique opportunity to network with peers within such a large organization, get inspired by great speakers and events, and learn more about our awesome city. It exceeded my expectations.”

“Absolutely loved it ... The energy was always awesome, the speakers were incredible and I met several new team members to top it off.”

What did you think of the program?

“100000000% YES! I met so many amazing people, and learned so much about what is happening around Charlotte that I would have never known. It was one of the best series of events I have ever been a part of.”

“I recently moved to Charlotte, and this experience opened my eyes to the wonderful community involvement we have. It exceeded my expectations and introduced me to new areas of our community.”