Herrin Bros. Coal & Ice


You’ve been to NoDa. You know the murals, the artist trash cans, the Neighborhood Theatre, the Evening Muse, Salud and so much more. But, have you taken a left on 36th Street to see one of the coolest old signs in Charlotte? 

On the right, just beyond the light rail overpass, the Herrin Bros. Coal & Ice sign awaits you. And, it’s cool. Really cool. In fact, it’s been one of the symbols of Charlotte’s coolness since 1929, when neighbors relied on Herrin’s ice for refrigeration and coal for heating.

While refrigeration and heating have changed considerably in the 91 years since Herrin Bros. was founded, the company is still in operation, providing bulk ice for restaurants, events and more. And, the sign, while faded and weather-worn, still stands with its plucky devil raising his pitchfork high as a reminder of Charlotte’s past.

But, the sign may not be there much longer. The site is slated for a future mixed-use development. We suggest you light a fire under yourself and get out there to see — and shoot — the Herrin Bros. sign for yourself.

P.S. If you’re looking for a cool (yeah, we did it again) gift for the Charottean in your life, you can buy a T-shirt with the Herrin’s logo on Etsy.