How Roses & Azalea is Coping with Covid


The post below was posted on Instagram by Jenny Melick, co-founder of Roses & Azalea, a Charlotte company that opened in 2019 producing personal care and beauty products with organic botanicals and natural ingredients. We share it here with Jenny’s permission, to show how local start-ups are managing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. We have shared a ‘5 Ridiculous Questions” profile of Jenny in the past. Read it here.

“THANK YOU for supporting us. Every online order, every like on our posts, every following on our social media platforms, every email signup so far – it ALL counts!⁣

COVID-19 made a huge impact on our business. We literally went from having plans to go national this May to almost shutting down all within two weeks. We were so excited to meet more people all over the US. It was so difficult to read email after email, all the news of cancelations and postponed markets and events. For a few days, I couldn’t help but think – is this going to be the end of Roses + Azalea?⁣

I also witnessed contributions to medical facilities and many lending help to those who need it, while showing strength and courage despite all the chaos in their own lives. People came together to make face masks for healthcare professional – our true heroes right now. Places provided meals to kids and families who would otherwise struggle putting food on their tables. Little by little, that positive energy and determination started pouring back into me until I was ready to stand up again.⁣

Seeing all the good that has come out of this situation and all the small business owners who are work together through this, I was determined to lead by example – strength, courage, the ability to adapt quickly, continue to give a helping hand where it’s most needed.⁣

I am working on a few exciting things, so check back for all the amazingness I am getting ready for you! Sparks of joy ✨Much needed knowledge. Must-have products.⁣

In the meantime, many of you ask how to help, so I’ll share here. Please continue to spread the word about our brand and all the products you love. We do offer gift cards, so if you don’t know which specific items to purchase as gifts, feel free to grab one.⁣

THANK YOU for keeping us going! We are so happy to keep providing products that nourish and heal your bodies so you can #experiencehealthybeauty 💗”