HUGUMENTARY: Deborah Triplett Fills the Cracks of Cancer with Gold


Charlotte photographer, Deborah Triplett, heard the words no one wants to hear: “You have stage 3 lung cancer.”

Revelations like that affect people differently. The diagnosis informs them. But, it doesn’t have to come to define them. Deborah addressed the situation in two ways:

  • She told her doctor, “What do I need to get this out of me? Let’s start now!”
  • She thought to herself, “I know all these artists. Maybe I can ask the artists I know to paint my head.”

She did both. In April 2019, she applied and received a $250 HUG Micro-Grant to buy film for her project and reached out to artists. She also embraced the ancient art of Wabi-sabi — accepting the transience and imperfection of life. As Deborah says, she chose to “fill the cracks with gold.”

Charlotte Star Room followed her on the first steps of her journey — she’s building to a public exhibition of her photographs of the project — in a HUGumentary. And, you can watch her incredibly emotional story above.