Illustration Opportunity: Sept. 2020


Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to lift up the work creatives are doing to keep their own souls and the soul of the city up by doing inspiring work. Where we can, we’ve commissioned creatives to do new work we can share throughout programs and on

We have two opportunities we’d like you to consider. All below are first-come, first-served opportunities. If you want to participate, please respond and let me know. If you want to do both, please indicate which you’re most interested in. We’d like to spread the funds we have as far as we can to as many artists as we can, so you might only get one of the two.

IDEA ONE: Mask Art (COVID-19 Specific)

To promote people wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’d like to do some social media (and Web site posts) featuring original art drawn on temporary masks. This work should be simple work. Our base idea is for it to be one-color, but if you want to use more than one color you can. Instagram will be the primary vehicle for this, so bold, simple designs, rather than complex ones will play best. This can be graphic only or include text (no profanity, please).

If you are selected, we would mail you five masks (extras just in case), but would only expect you to produce one. When finished, you’d wear it and take a well-lit selfie. If you want to send 3-4 detailed close-up shots, that would be awesome. You keep the mask. And, you own the design. So, if you like it and want to use it to make retail masks later, we’ll promote the heck out of that.

We have 10 spots open for this and can pay $50 per mask.  We’d pay through Paypal/Venmo/Cashapp immediately upon completion and share on Web, social, newsletter, etc.

IDEA TWO: Neighborhood Zoom Backgrounds

In the spring, we asked artists to create a 1280 x 720 graphic that could be used as a Zoom background. Here’s what we got:

The response was amazing. And, we want to keep it going. But, while still using the #CharlotteShout hashtag, shift to have it be neighborhood-specific, much like the Camp North End and South End examples. To that end, we want to cover neighborhoods and communities across the city that do not get the attention and love they deserve, ex. Cherry, Lockwood, Seversville, Oakhust, Wesley Heights, University City, Cotswold, etc.

If you are interested in this, we’d need an image that takes into account that it would be a Zoom background (so working around where a person would go is needed). We will make the art downloadable at 1280 x 720 to the public, but you retain 100% of the rights and, again, we hope you sell it.

Our budget for this is $100 and we have 12 spots open. We’d pay through Paypal/Venmo/Cashapp immediately upon completion and share on Web, social, newsletter, etc.

If you are interested in one or both projects, please fill this out …