October HUG Micro-Grants

 “A HUG grant allows me to bring a concept that only exists in my imagination into reality for everyone to see and enjoy.”  Maria Senkel

There’s a slight chill in the air, so that means more HUGs to keep us warm. And we are feeling toasty warm after selecting the HUG recipients for October. Three $250 HUG micro-grants and one $1,000 Bear HUG were awarded. From photography equipment to visual art and ballet costumes, we’ve given a lot of love.

Makayla Binter

Makayla Binter was commissioned by The Metro School, which serves pre-k to young adults with different learning styles, to create a new mural at the school. Makayla is doing this as a volunteer, and while the school is supplying the materials, she would like to compensate her assistant who is helping with this project. And what does Makayla think about the HUG program? “A HUG grant shows that people care about the work that myself and other artists around the city are doing and are willing to support us financially in continuing the work we love.”

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Lindsey Jenneman

Lindsey Jenneman is a visual artist. While she enjoys commissioned painting, she is looking to expand her reach by creating prints of her work. To have sharp prints, Lindsey will use her $250 HUG to purchase a camera as well as use any extra to buy packaging items for the prints. Lindsey told us that receiving the HUG grant “is the push I needed to stop making excuses and invest in my business!”

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Maria Senkel

Maria Senkel loves imaginative fantasy. As an illustrator and 3-D artist, she will use her HUG to purchase a Cricut machine (this is a digital cutting machine that allows the user to cut shapes out of paper, vinyl, wood, etc.) to help with a project called, Six Pillars of Good Character (location TBD). She will use the cricut to create pieces that will be put together to create 3-D paper visuals of each pillar.

The Six Pillars of Good Character are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Senkel was appreciative of the grant because, “A HUG grant allows me to bring a concept that only exists in my imagination into reality for everyone to see and enjoy.” We can’t wait to see this new project come to life.

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Great Big Bear HUGs for all those in snow costumes!

We also awarded one $1,000 Bear HUG. That grant went to Donna Gruber of the Charlotte Youth Ballet (CYB).

CYB serves student dancers from age 8 to 25. This HUG will be used to start replacing the snow costumes for CYB’s production of The Nutcracker this season December 3-5 at Halton Theater. The current costumes are the originals from 1981. The costumes are a romantic tutu style layered in pale blue and white tulle with a white bodice embroidered with jeweled snowflake. These lovely costumes are used for the Snow dance scene in Act 1 where Clara and the Prince meet the Snow King and Queen. PLEASE NOTE: CYB is seeking volunteers to help sew costumes.

“CYB’s goal has always been to provide student dancers from any Charlotte dance studio an opportunity to perform in professional-level, full-length ballets for the Charlotte community at family-friendly pricing,” Gruber said. “Each year, we provide the Charlotte community with the beloved Nutcracker performance, which we have been performing since 1981, and an annual Spring Storybook performance which we have announced as Snow White for this spring.

Gruber said the arts enhance cultural literacy, allow the community to see the interconnectedness of ideas and increase understanding of the world around us. “On a purely fiscal side,” she added, “communities with strong arts programs attract talent and business and more civically engaged citizens.”

Tickets can be purchased here.

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