ONEBAND – Charlotteans Making Music Together for One Day

“One setlist … one rehearsal … one performance. OneBand – and all are welcome.”

Charlotte Is Creative’s new “flash band” experience, OneBand, has been creating a megaton of creative energy, musical connection, and vibe-a-licious fun out in the community.

The OneBand concept is simple: we post a short setlist of popular songs, and anyone who wants to play those songs can sign up. And we mean ANYONE. Amateur musicians and professional players; newbies and veterans; hacks and savants. Any instrument; any skill level. The only qualifications are a desire to play music with others, and a willingness to learn and perform these songs together on a stage.

After ONE fun rehearsal (hosted by Jambox) and ONE rockin’ performance (hosted by Divine Barrel Brewing), the band disbands. And then we start the process all over again! 

As we re-spark musical curiosity in our fellow community members, Charlotte becomes a more creative place – one song at a time. And we’re all about that!


Tuesday, December 12 at 6:30PM
Divine Barrel Brewing
Admission is FREE.



Employee Engagement, Turned Up to 11

Bring OneBand Inside Your Company

Based on our popular OneBand community program, we can bring this “build-a-band” concert series inside your company or organization! It would be open to any and all employees who play any instrument or sing, regardless of skill level. The only qualifications are a desire to play music with others, and a willingness to learn and perform the songs together on a stage. In some cases, participants are granted work time to attend one 3-hour rehearsal and one 1-hour concert (at lunchtime or other times), in which employees mix, mingle, and listen to their colleagues perform alongside other local musicians.

You’ll be amazed at how much creative talent is lying in wait inside your company – and what unleashing that talent can do for employee happiness!

Let’s make beautiful music together!

Contact us today to learn more about the power of live music to strengthen your workplace culture.

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