Our New Best Friends: KiiK Create



If you thought it was too late to make new best friends this year, think again.

After a few months of gawking at their beautiful work on Instagram, we caught up last week with Manoela Madera and Gray Edgerton, the artists behind KiiK Create. And, yeah, we’re in total awe of their insane abilities already. You might be, too. This creative duo met at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and fell in love with each other … and each other’s work. Since then, they’ve worked together in Hong Kong, South America, the continental United States and in Puerto Rico, where Madera was born, creating what they call “portals,” immersive experiences featuring their vibrant work. It’s meant to pull you in spiritually and emotionally and (often) physically, surrounding you with art. They call it the “Big WOW!”

They were living in Brooklyn at the height of COVID this summer and decided to move to Charlotte. It was a bit of a homecoming. Edgerton grew up in Rutherfordton and played in Charlotte soccer leagues. Years before, a friend of his, Kyle McEnroe, invited him to join his business, MAC Landscape in Charlotte, creating elaborate outdoor designs (think of them as immersive organic experiences). 

So, in June, they moved from Brooklyn to Matthews. They’re Charlotteans now and looking for ways to add their work to the Queen City’s creative canvas. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

Follow them. Connect with them. We want Kiik Create to know: They’re at home in Charlotte.

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