Queen City Growlers “Mugs for HUGS” Initiative Hits Its Goal

Queen City Growlers “Mugs for HUGS” Initiative Hits Its Goal

— By Matt Olin

At each month’s meeting of CreativeMornings/Charlotte, local creatives are given HUG micro-grants of $250. HUG stands for “Helpful, Unfettered Gifts.” Creatives can apply for HUGs for for-profit or non-profit projects underway in the Queen City. HUGs can be used for everything from boosting social media posts to buying materials to booking event or rehearsal space. Charlotte Is Creative has committed to distributing 250 HUGs to celebrate Charlotte’s 250th anniversary. Click here to learn more or to apply for a HUG  and click here to donate to our 250-for-250 initiative

One of our past HUG recipients — James Carlevatti, owner of Queen City Growlers and The Little Studio — decided to launch “MUGS for HUGS” to raise the funds necessary to provide a HUG to another creative working in Charlotte. They made 50 CM/CLT Mugs with the commitment to donate 20% towards a HUG grant. Once they sold all 50, Queen City Growlers would donate a $250 HUG back to the community. And this week, he sold the final mug! Way to go, James — and on behalf of all Charlotte creatives, thank you!

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