Queen City Quiz Show

Team, Organization, & Community building

Quiz game themed events designed to inspire, educate, & connect participants and audience members.

“What if the Jeopardy and The Daily Show had a baby on a bus while driving around Charlotte?”

Believe it or not, that’s what we wrote down when we were brainstorming the idea that became Queen City Quiz Show.

Our goal was to find a way to educate and mobilize Charlotteans by adding fun, entertainment, and laughter to community engagement. 

What came out of our sessions was a live game show about Charlotte history, trivia and current events that would travel to neighborhoods across the city and engage people where they live and work. With a massive churn of residents moving in and out of the Queen City, Charlotte’s story was getting lost. We needed a way to arm people with information about the past and present to position them to dive in and help build the future of our home.

We were awarded a grant from the Knight Foundation in 2016 to develop and produce 5 quiz shows. We did 15.

While our initial grant cycle elapsed at the end of 2017, the Queen City Quiz Show (QCQS) rages on in conference rooms, theaters and as a part of community engagements large and small. Please read more about our program below. And, if you’re interested in adding the Quiz Show to one of your events, drop us a line at hello@charlotteiscreative.com

Why do we do what we do how we do it.

Charlotte is fortunate to have extremely active citizens, nonprofits and companies. They are constantly reaching out to the community, but much of their efforts look and feel the same. They attract the initiated but have trouble moving into less active citizens. Why? Community meetings often feel like going to school.

We wanted to do something about that.

At its core, Queen City Quiz Show is meant to present those who experience it with new information about Charlotte, to facilitate discussion, to entice people to explore and experience communities across Charlotte, and to encourage them to get involved in supporting their neighbors and addressing critical needs and issues facing our city. As with everything we do, QCQS employs fun, humor, and creativity to empower Charlotteans to shape our city’s future.

Let’s entertain and educate together.

Our live games shows are meant to entertain, enlighten and challenge participants and viewers alike with questions trivial, pertinent and controversial. Having now engaged thousands of citizens in neighborhoods, venues, and events across the city, QCQS has become known as an engaging component of public forums and gatherings.

QCQS is also available to hire for companies, outings, and events, and each bespoke show is adjustable to the size, needs, and objectives of the client. We’re ready when you are. Reach out to us at hello@charlotteiscreative.com about adding QCQS to your next event or fundraiser.

See us in action.

Here are some videos and photos of past QCQS events.

What are you waiting for? Let's Quiz!

The Quiz Show is now available for hire for your event -- employee outings, internal education, public seminars, product launches and fundraising events. We will work with your team to develop a quiz suited for your audience, your needs and the information you want to convey. Discounts and gratis opportunities are available on a limited basis for nonprofit organizations.

Contact us about developing a Queen City Quiz Show for your next event.

Community engagement transforms residents into active Charlotteans.

Queen City Quiz Show is rooted in our desire to foster a sense of “home” both for newcomers to the city and for those who have been here for a while but are still looking to the plugin. Charlotte is economically healthy and family-friendly. 

With more than 100 people moving here every day, educating them on the issues and empowering them to get involved is a must.

It’s the second fastest-growing city in America, and with this growth comes an exhilarating surge of people – from many places, backgrounds and walks of life. Natives and transplants alike tend to lack awareness of Charlotte’s rich history and current challenges and opportunities. 

Just 40 years ago, Charlotte was a much smaller city than it is now with barely over 300,000 residents. And, hundreds of years of rich history waiting to be discovered. For citizens new and not-so-new, getting present to Charlotte’s fascinating history – and its complex present – is a vital part of positioning them to shape its future.

We pick up and go where we’re needed.

Our live events travel to different neighborhoods and community events, bringing live music, local food and drink and an interactive quiz game that combines trivia, history, current events and more to get people talking about their city. Usually, teams play for a $250 HUG Grant on behalf of a charity or cause, and there is often a post-game discussion that challenges audience members to act on what they have heard.

In the end, our goal is to re-frame community discourse. Queen City Quiz Show presents a new way to share information about the city and to move residents to action – while bringing together diverse groups to develop social capital and tighter community bonds.