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The Biscuit – March 18

by on March 18, 2020

Moss Art by #TheSavageWay

Charlotte Needs Us to START.

So much has ended for now. Now, it’s time to START.

Over the last week, so much of our news and our conversations have been about what we need to stop doing … what we need to hit the “pause” button on. Don’t get us wrong, that is necessary and important. That said, it’s still painful that each of us is experiencing uncertainty in our careers and each of us is grieving for projects, events, presentations and opportunities we’d been working toward, but are now postponed or may never happen as we’d hoped.

Enough about ending and pausing.

Let’s hit the “Play” button. Let’s start something. Let’s create.

The Biscuit is not where you should go for the latest news and statistics about the outbreak or medical information. That’s not our role. For that, PLEASE turn to the CDC or World Health Organization.

We are here to share the stories of how Charlotte creatives are coping and creative. We’re here to lighten your day and, maybe, make you laugh. And, your stories will help us do just that.

You still have your creative spark. It may be hurting, but it’s there. That spark will help on the path ahead. In fact, it will help all of us. We promise you, starting something creative and positive will make you feel better. It has the capacity to do the same for those around you.

We need to take care of our bodies. We need to be fed. We need to make sure everyone across the city is fed. But, our spirits need to be fed, too, with beauty, wonder, imagination and humor. Limitation gives rise to ingenuity and innovation. Strangely, this time of limitation and separation can be a fruitful time for that.

So, we want to know: What will you be creating? With the new situation we face together, will you take this time to paint, write, compose, dance, create a new Web site, start a podcast, film videos, develop new ways to connect with the community? Do you have an innovative way to provide assistance for people who need it or to support your neighbors? How are you going to keep moving forward in the “Now Normal”? We’re all ears … and we want to share your ideas and work with Charlotte.

As you create at home, please send us information, photos and videos of what you’re doing so we can share it on our social feeds, in this newsletter and on www.BiscuitCLT.com

We are looking for content and stories about:

  • Music and Performance
  • Photography
  • Illustration & Visual Arts
  • Poetry & Spoken Word
  • Small Creative Businesses
  • Online Events & Community Engagement
  • Creative Philanthropy
  • Editorials on What You’re Doing to Stay Creative

Charlotte has vast resources of untapped creativity. It can lift us all. Now is the time to prove it.

It’s time to start.

– Tim Miner (@afewminertweaks) and Matt Olin (@mattolincreative)

The Nation is Singing Along with Providence Day 

Concerts, plays and events across the nation have been canceled, leaving the future of live performance for the time being in question. It’s very challenging for artists who rely on these events for their livelihood, but it’s heartbreaking, too, for students who have prepared for months and weeks and will never get to show the product of their work to a live audience.

After Providence Day School students posted a video of the cast of the school’s planned performance of “Bright Star” singing “Glorious,” it went viral. It has generated support and acclaim from comedian and musician Steve Martin, Tony Award-winning actress Laura Benanti, Good Morning America and many more.  You can listen to it here.

Providence Day School is a sponsor of the Charlotte chapter of CreativeMornings, which is produced each month by Charlotte Is Creative.

100+ Local Businesses Join New Web Site in 24 Hours

It’s clear that small, local businesses ranging from markets and restaurants to clothiers and photographers are at risk in the “Now Normal” (we REFUSE to call this the “New Normal”) we’re all experiencing. Corri Smith of Black Wednesday and Garret Tichy of Hygge decided to do something about that, inviting small businesses across the Queen City to post deals on a new Web site, Support Local or Else (AKA SLOE.) The response was immediate.

“We’ve had 100 businesses create deals for the site in 24 hours, and we hope the word continues to spread,” said Corri. “We want the site to be a strong resource, a one-stop-shop that empowers locals to support small businesses remotely.” As of the time of this article, more than 150 Charlotte businesses have posted on SLOE.

Muralist Nick Napoletano Wants You to Keep Painting

Adversity gives rise to generosity. And, creatives help creatives. The amazing Charlotte artist, Nick Napoletano, has posted a cool contest to give away cans of spray paint, so you can keep creating.  The contest is open through Friday! Nick, we ❤️ you.

Middle C Jazz Offers Free Facebook LIVE! Concert TONIGHT

Nothing lifts the spirits like music. Uptown club, Middle C Jazz, knows it … and they want to share the sounds of musical partners, Maria Howell and Noel Friedline, with you TONIGHT. Starting at 7pm this evening, you can watch a free concert from these Charlotte legends on Facebook live.

If You Haven’t Worked Remotely Before … You Have Now.
And, Apparo Wants to Show You How.

For those of us who are new to online meetings and shifting in-person work online, Apparo – IT’s for Nonprofits, is offering FREE weekly Zoom classes sharing best practices for remote work. The first class is tomorrow, March 19, at noon. Apparo is a HUG micro-grant sponsor.

More Good News to Know …

Charlotte Tool Bank can’t help you with the event you had to cancel, but they can provide tools, tables, chairs, tents and more for the food drive or fundraiser you may be organizing with your nonprofit, church, neighborhood or school at a fraction of market rate. Check their inventory here.

Charlotte Ledger shared a story on Tuesday about how Charotteans are stepping up to help their neighbors.

Urban Ministry shared a moving Instagram post about the influx of donations they have received to help Charlotte’s homeless population.

In addition to their own efforts, The Loyalist Market has organized 13 local restaurants offering free lunches to any child who receives free lunch through North Carolina public schools. Please see the post below and support these businesses with take-away orders.

Jeff Mauro’s Roasted Tomato Bisque

Many of us are finding ourselves cooking at home more these days. To keep it fresh and challenge ourselves, The Biscuit will offer new recipes in each batch. Today is one of the favorites in Tim Miner’s household — a simple, but crowd-pleasing Roasted Tomato Bisque by Food Network’s Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro. It’s PERFECT for dunking grilled cheese and tastes great reheated. Get the recipe here.

Send Us Your Home Cooking Home Runs!

Please, share your favorite easy recipes with us! Local recipes are greatly appreciated!

Faux Five #1: The “Air Halpert”

Now that we’re all practicing “social distancing,” the handshake, the dap and the high five are out. We need to figure out new ways to greet one another, even online. It’s only been a few days and the fist bump and the elbow tap are already super lame. So, it’s time to add to your social distancing salutations with what we’re calling “Faux Fives.”

To help you look cool on your video conference or if you actually encounter a human in real life, we’ll be featuring a different take on the non-touching “faux five” every day. For starters, we recommend the “Air Halpert.” It’s fun. It’s charming. It takes timing. And, it may lead to endearing office romance. Who knows?

Got a “Faux Five” to recommend? Send us a GIF, video or photo right here!

Oh, Hugh … well, at least we know where to get ONE roll of TP.⁣

Directions: The Hugh McManaway statue at the intersection of Queens & Queens. 

This Queen City exploration is powered by OrthoCarolina.
Explore other “Where Are We in CLT?” destinations here.

Don’t go around hungry. If you missed the last batch of The Biscuit, don’t worry. We’ve kept it warm for you … and full of satisfying Southern sassiness. Click here to dig in, y’all.

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