Who Is SVP?

You may have heard of the annual SEED20 event, where 20 nonprofits train for two months in an effort to compete for funding. Since 2012, hundreds of nonprofits have participated. But do you know who’s really behind it all? Inquiring minds across the Queen City want to know.

The work looks incredible, but the silence is deafening. So, we’re venturing behind the SEED20 curtain — past the dollars, the training, the promotion, the support and the life-changing experience of it all — to ask … just who is S.V.P.?

To help us in our quest, Broken Crowns managed to track down some Charlotteans who answered the question “You down with SVP?” with a decided “Yeah, you know me.”

This parody video was created to open the 2020 Seed20 event to share important details about the incredible work Social Venture Partners Charlotte does during SEED20 and all year long. For more information about SVP, click here.