Transfer Tales: Making the Move from ALT to CLT


We’re always curious about how creatives found their way to Charlotte and what their experience has been like when they got here. We hope you’ll share yours with us someday. But, today, the floor belongs to Ciara Bagwell, who made the move from Atlanta to Charlotte and wants to weigh in on the positive impact the creative community has had on her transition to the Queen City. 

Ciara Bagwell is a special event coordinator and consultant who moved to Charlotte in July. Upon arriving, she had the same questions that many people moving to Charlotte have — How can I get involved in the community? Where can I make new friends and professional connections? Why am I getting funny looks when I say downtown instead of uptown? Where are the best places to work, eat and events happening in the area? Here’s how she found some of her answers. 

I was ecstatic to find out how supportive the Charlotte community is after many have helped make the move to a new city a fun and exciting experience. Everyone I have met in Charlotte has been amazing. I have received an outpouring of support from the community and am grateful for all of the positivity I have received.

From my neighbors at Inspire SouthPark to my new friends at Creative Mornings CLT, everyone has been a huge help. I also love that the city has helpful media channels and websites like the Charlotte Agenda and The Biscuit that I use on a daily basis to find out what’s trending in the community. 

I began volunteering at CreativeMornings/Charlotte after the Creative Circle, a recruiting company, recommended that I attend one. I’m so happy that I found Creative Mornings and highly recommend that everyone go check out at least one of their events. This is a game-changer for anyone in Charlotte looking to network with other creatives and leaders in the community. I have always had a passion for events, music and entertainment, and I was thrilled to find out that there is a large community of people here that have the same common interests as me. 

I recently started my own event business called Ciara & Co. I plan weddings, corporate and other special events in the area. Going to Creative Mornings has helped give me a boost of encouragement as I start a new business venture and I look forward to attending the event each month.

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