Tell us how you’re staying creative!

Creative News | March 15, 2020

These are challenging times, but creativity thrives under challenging circumstances. Indulging in your creative passions will keep your mind and your soul fed. And, it will do the same for others. As you create at home for yourself, your family, your… read more »

Ode to a Lost Ren Fest

Creative News | July 7, 2020

I’ll see no orcs on cell phones I’ll taste no London Broil I’ll hear no quotes from Game of Thrones I’ll put away my fencing foil The turkey legs are cold The beer kegs have run dry The Queen’s hung up her crown The jester’s starting to cry The Tortu… read more »

Charlotte Fire Station #6

Where Are We in CLT? | July 7, 2020

If you asked us to name the most iconic firehouse of all time (we know you didn’t ask but please humor us), we’d say the Ghostbusters headquarters. BUT if you asked us to name the most iconic firehouse in the Queen City, we’d say Charlotte Fire Stati… read more »

This Air Stream Needs A Name

CLT Nonprofits | July 7, 2020

  She Built This City is committed to giving young women the tools to build Charlotte’s future… literally. After 20 years in the construction industry and often being the only woman in the room, Demi Knight Clark founded the non-profit organizat… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: 5 Minutes with Gau Gupte

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 6, 2020

Gaurav (Gau) Gupte is a Principal at Odell Associates, and his talent as a designer and architect can be seen all along the East Coast. During his two decades (and counting) as a Charlottean, this self-proclaimed introvert has been making his mark on… read more »

Creativity Still Pulling into the Dilworth Artisan Station

CLT Creatives | July 3, 2020

The Dilworth Artisan Station’s hundred-year-old building on East Kingston is known for being packed with creativity every day. Before COVID-19, 24 artists were paying rent and putting out their art for sale in their studios. Now,  according to painte… read more »

“Cool Globes” on North Tryon Street

Where Are We in CLT? | July 2, 2020

Many summer travel plans have been canceled this year, but there is still a way you can go on a globetrotting adventure right here in the Queen City. 35 globes are calling the streets of Charlotte home for the remainder of the year and they are defin… read more »

“Who Built Me” With Eric Ndelo

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | July 1, 2020

In an effort to define social capital and show the profound effects it has on our community, we’re introducing a new series of podcasts called “Who Built Me.” We’ve asked several prominent Charlotteans to talk about the people and ideas that have sha… read more »

EDITORIAL: A Look Back at June

Editorials | July 1, 2020

Welcome to July 2020. On more than one occasion this year, I’ve wondered what day it is. Time is so fuzzy these days, it feels nearly irrelevant. But here we are, moving headlong into July. Has it already been six months? Has it only been six months?… read more »

Every Day Is An Adventure with Jen Edwards

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | July 1, 2020

In this edition of the Biscuit Blitz, Jen Sudul Edwards raps with Matt Olin about her roles as chief curator for the Mint Museum and board chair for Goodyear Arts (among others roles), and how the pandemic has forced her to embrace the mantra, “Every… read more »

WET PAINT – Meet Jen Hill: 2Hills

CLT Creatives, Columnists | July 1, 2020

Welcome back to the second edition of the CLT is Creative series, ‘Wet Paint’ – A look inside Charlotte’s booming public art scene. When we left off, local muralist, Matt Moore was talking about how reluctant he was to discuss the booming art scene;… read more »

“Green shoots through concrete…”

CLT Nonprofits | July 1, 2020

“I’ve seen this movie before,” he said. “I’ve been involved in Black Power and civil rights for a long time. But we’ll see. This time does feel different.” – Henry Rock Henry Rock has been anticipating this moment – when the white establishment final… read more »

Erinn Frechette Flutes from the Rooftops

CLT Creatives, Charlotte SHOUT!, Videos | June 30, 2020

Charlotte SHOUT! is an annual celebration of Queen City art, music, food and ideas — and it’s scheduled to return later this year! So we’ve tapped our city’s creatives to help get us pumped for the festivities by highlighting the creativity that grac… read more »

“Clarity” by Matt Hooker and Matt Moore

Where Are We in CLT? | June 30, 2020

We would say that this mural has us howling in delight every time we see it, but in all honestly, we usually just stand there in stunned silence in awe of its beauty and detail. This piece by Matt Hooker and Matt Moore, also know around the Charlotte… read more »

ASC’s Studio 345 is Moving to Arts+

Creative News | June 29, 2020

The Arts and Science Council’s (ASC) youth development program, Studio 345 is getting a new home and is moving to Arts+ on July 1st. While not physically moving, Studio 345 will be under Arts+’s administration and will remain in their same location i… read more »

Three Funds Available NOW to Innovative Queen City Creatives

Creative News, How To/Resources | June 29, 2020

This year has not been easy for anyone … and we’re not exactly sure what the future will look like. Disruption is everywhere. But, disruption exposes holes in existing systems and opens up possibilities for enterprising and innovative creatives. To… read more »

Community Groups Working to Transform Beatties Ford Road

Creative News | June 29, 2020

For the past 4-5 years, Ricky Singh, an artist and an educator at Charlotte Lab School, has wanted to paint a mural on Beatties Ford Road. In the wake of last Monday’s tragic events, which claimed the lives of four Charlotteans — Jamaa Cassell, Chri… read more »

Make National Gingersnap Day a Snap

Happenings, Recipes | June 29, 2020

Wednesday, July 1 is National Gingersnap Day, and what a great day it is to celebrate that sweet and savory cookie! These delectable morsels made from molasses, ginger (of course), cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar deserve to be a part of your week. T… read more »

Furrow by Thomas Sayre

Where Are We in CLT? | June 26, 2020

Fun Fact: Wednesday, July 1 is National Gingersnap Day, arguably the biggest holiday of the year, so we thought we would pump the hype up even more by sharing the gingersnappiest looking piece of art in the Queen City. Every time we pass this install… read more »

Pedro Perez Cares About Families Experiencing Homelessness

CLT Nonprofits, Editorials | June 26, 2020

“My career is defined by a number of firsts, taking on new challenges and persevering against the odds,” Perez said. “Resiliency is an attribute I share with the families served by Charlotte Family Housing.” – Pedro Perez When you think of an ex-New… read more »

Those You Seek to Serve Have The Answers

CLT Creatives, CLT Nonprofits | June 26, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is an editorial from Greg Schermbeck, founder of Schermco, a social-impact consulting firm that offers strategic advising, organizational development, and implementation services to schools and education-focused organizations tha… read more »