HUG Micro-Grants

HUGs (Helpful Unfettered Gifts) are $250 strings-free micro-grants – aka “Love Bombs of Cash” – awarded monthly to non-profit and for-profit creative initiatives in Charlotte to help propel the project forward or remove a small obstacle to its overall success. Nearly $40,000 in HUGs have been awarded to Charlotte citizens, companies and organizations since the program’s inception. To further support their success, HUG Grant recipients are also provided with an array of networking opportunities and free training classes, covering such topics as business operations, financials, strategy, project management, self-care, marketing, and social media. Perhaps most crucially, HUG recipients subsequently find themselves connected to a growing family of fellow creatives, press and PR opportunities, professional development resources, and a broader platform of awareness and support. Recipients and their projects may also be profiled in “HUGumentaries” ranging from segments on The Biscuit Podcast, to packaged videos and in-studio interviews as part of our ongoing media partnership with WBTV.

HUGS and Bolts: 7 Creative Charlotteans Honored

CLT Creatives, HUG Micro-Grants | August 20, 2020

Each month, with the help of OrthoCarolina and The Savage Way, we present a #BoltOfInspiration — beautiful moss art bolts — to Charlotteans who are working to help make the Queen City a more vibrant and loving place that urges all of us forward. In… read more »

HUGumentary: Irisol is Coloring the Queen City

CLT Creatives, HUG Micro-Grants, Videos | January 16, 2020

You know visual artist Irisol Gonzalez. At least, you know her work. You’ve enjoyed her murals across Charlotte, viewed her pieces at C3Lab or zooming by a ArtPop Street Gallery billboard featuring her work. But, you may not know the story of her 8-f… read more »

HUGUMENTARY: Deborah Triplett Fills the Cracks of Cancer with Gold

CLT Creatives, HUG Micro-Grants, Videos | January 9, 2020

Charlotte photographer, Deborah Triplett, heard the words no one wants to hear: “You have stage 3 lung cancer.” Revelations like that affect people differently. The diagnosis informs them. But, it doesn’t have to come to define them. Deborah addresse… read more »