Our writers are always finding new ways to address timely topics for Charlotte – sometimes lighthearted, sometimes serious, always relevant. Whether it’s an investigative report on oft-overlooked trend of “business gentrification” happening here, or a piece about the complex business of mural-making, or personal musings from our publishers, read on for innovative insights on Charlotte life.

The Business of “Do What You Love”

CLT Creatives, Editorials | May 5, 2021

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s guest editorial in “The Business of Creativity” is from Bryan Li, part-owner of the Charlotte restaurant, Open Rice.] “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s an inspiring quote we’ve all hea… read more »

Creatives Are Businesses and Businesses Need Structure

CLT Creatives, Editorials | April 20, 2021

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second half of an editorial by Caro Diaz, founder and owner of Inkaprint, about “The Business of Creativity.” Read the first half here.] Creatives can make great business people if there is a structure in place. That’s not… read more »

Thoughts on the Arts Funding Discussion

Editorials | April 20, 2021

Last week, City Manager Marcus Jones broadcast a letter about how the City’s plans for arts funding are proceeding.⁣ Read it below. It’s clear that big shifts are underway for Charlotte’s creative community – including a notable $36 million commitmen… read more »

Pursue Your Passion; Protect Your Time and Reputation

CLT Creatives, Editorials | April 13, 2021

When I told my family I wanted to be an artist, they said, “You are going to starve. Be a lawyer, a doctor, get a real job and then practice art as a hobby.” I didn’t listen to that advice. I pursued my passion for graphic design. Since 2015, I have… read more »

The Sustainable Artist – From My Perspective

CLT Creatives, Editorials | April 6, 2021

The world changed for us all in March 2020. COVID-19, and all that came with it, altered daily life almost overnight. For many, even the roles we play(ed) in the workplace and our communities were given a reevaluation, as our contributions and compen… read more »

Looking Forward: The Business of Creativity

Editorials | March 31, 2021

This week, we’re stepping out of the kitchen and taking a break from your regularly scheduled Biscuit. We’ll still be covering Charlotte creativity daily on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, but with the first quarter of 2021 drawing to a cl… read more »

Charlottean Queen: What’s In A Name?

Editorials, Exploring Charlotte | March 23, 2021

I am that rare, practically mythical creature known as a Charlotte native. I was born in Presbyterian Hospital, received my education in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and have lived my entire life here. I’ve never found a compelling reason to move aw… read more »

5 Questions as Charlotte Considers a New Approach to Arts Funding

Editorials | March 16, 2021

NOTE: The editorial below was originally published as a guest editorial in The Charlotte Observer on March 14, 2021. Charlotte’s creative community is passionately debating a proposition by City Council members to shift the City’s investment in some… read more »

7 Deadly Sins of Media Relations

Editorials, How To/Resources | February 2, 2021

Bless me, for I have sinned. Once upon a time, I worked in public relations. It was my job to entice Charlotte media to cover stories and events for clients and organizations I represented. I made mistakes along the way. A lot of them. I learned as m… read more »

New Year. Same Four Walls. – How We Create Connections in 2021

Creative News, Editorials | January 6, 2021

CreativeMornings/Charlotte in March 2020. PHOTO CREDIT: Stephen Lamar [NOTE: The image above of CreativeMornings/CLT at Divine Barrel in March of 2020 (the last time the group met in person) fills me with emotions — a longing to HUG everyone I see …. read more »

Our Favorite Biscuit Stories of 2020

Creative News, Editorials | December 31, 2020

Happy New Year. Goodbye, 2020. (You’ve overstayed your welcome.) On January 1, 2020, We’d just completed the first full year of publishing The Biscuit. We had a clear vision of exactly where we wanted to go in the 12 months that lay ahead. And, we we… read more »

PODCAST: Celebrating 5 Years of Creative Troublemaking

Creative News, Editorials, Podcasts | December 10, 2020

This week marks the fifth birthday of the Charlotte chapter of CreativeMornings (CM/CLT). What started as an effort to gather people together once a month to share, laugh, learn and celebrate Charlotte’s creative community has inspired many collabora… read more »

Call us crazy, but we’re thankful for 2020

Editorials | November 25, 2020

Prepare yourselves for a massive understatement … No one will ever want to relive 2020. Really going out on a limb there, right? From a rancorous Presidential election to unspeakable acts of racism and injustice, to a pandemic, economic ruin, global… read more »

Breathe. Create. Help Someone. Do it again.

Editorials | November 5, 2020

You likely woke up Wednesday morning to a sea of uncertainty. However you wanted this week to go, it probably didn’t go that way. You may be wondering what to do today … and tomorrow … and the day after that. We’ve all known that critical divisio… read more »

EDITORIAL: What if Trade & Tryon Was for People, Not Cars?

Editorials | October 1, 2020

This is first of a series of new imaginative editorials by Clayton Sealey of CLT Development. Click to enlarge this image. The melodic “clang-clang” of a passing streetcar harmonizes with the song of a hopeful street performer looking for their big b… read more »

EDITORIAL: The State of Nonprofit Pay

CLT Nonprofits, Editorials | September 16, 2020

What should someone who leads a Charlotte-based nonprofit organization earn as a salary? As you contemplate that question, what thoughts are coming to mind? For some, there is some sort of threshold of what seems “appropriate” for a nonprofit leader…. read more »

A Lifelong Love Affair with Stages by Matt Olin

Creative News, Editorials | September 9, 2020

When I was eight years old (how old my daughter is now), my parents took my twin brother and me to our first live theater production. It was a revival of Peter Pan on Broadway starring Sandy Duncan and that guy who played Mr. Belvedere on TV. Somehow… read more »

Art Auction to Save the Neighborhood Theatre

Editorials, Happenings | September 9, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: The editorial below was written by Tory Johnson, floor manager for Maxx Music/Neighborhood Theatre, at our request. The Neighborhood Theatre. Our name says it all: a neighborhood, a community, a family. Art comes in many forms and musi… read more »

Why Our Grief is Loud When Black Heroes Die

Editorials | September 3, 2020

NOTE: This story was originally posted on Medium.com. The Black Panther image was commissioned for this article from local artist Marcus Kiser. No one’s saying Chadwick Boseman was a (panther) god. He wasn’t the Second Coming of Christ. He wasn’t the… read more »

Correct the Voice in Your Head That Says Your Story is Not Important …

CLT Creatives, Editorials | August 5, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Laundry Day workshops began in 2018 as a grassroots arts movement in Charlotte at the home of Andrea Downs. On August 3, a workshop was held at the Mint Museum Uptown. In the wake of that event, we asked founder Andrea to share her tho… read more »