Amanda Lea

Our New Best Friend: Naji Al-Ali

CLT Creatives, Our New Best Friend | April 27, 2021

If you type “Naji Al-Ali” into the Google search bar, a black-and-white photo of a famed Palestinian cartoonist is the top result. He was born in 1937 and was murdered over 30 years ago on the streets of London. By contrast, Naji Al-Ali (@najiarts),… read more »

Where Are We In CLT? The Shop in North End

Exploring Charlotte, Where Are We in CLT? | April 27, 2021

Like many warehouses in Charlotte, the walls of this North End gem have weathered a lot of change in the city over the years. Built in the early 1950s, The Shop was originally used as a restaurant and blacksmith shop. By the 1960s, Big Bertha Service… read more »

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with 7 of Charlotte’s Coolest Creative Couples

CLT Creatives | February 11, 2021

“Our community doesn’t suffer from a scarcity mentality. We believe that a rising tide raises all ships. There is a genuine celebration of each other and appreciation for each other’s gifts.” – Krystle Baller Roses are red, violets are blue … creativ… read more »

An Art Walk You Can Sink Your Heart Into

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, Happenings | February 9, 2021

Overcome the winter rut with a stroll along the Lovers Art Trail collection of love-themed murals scattered throughout some of Charlotte’s coolest neighborhoods compiled by Art Walks CLT. To make some special memories while socially distancing, the t… read more »