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10-Foot Tall Woman Aiming for a 46-Year Run on Coke Billboard

CLT Creatives | July 24, 2019

No doubt at some point you were zipping eastbound onto I-277 toward Uptown, glanced up and saw two figures casually hanging out on the ever-present Coca-Cola billboard. Well, behind every great billboard, there’s a story about the creative process an… read more »

Smokey Contraband

Where Are We in CLT? | July 24, 2019

At the SE corner of Matheson Ave. and N. Tryon St. (not far from NoDa Brewing), there’s an abandoned lot that used to be a gas station. On a large blue pole, Smokey Contraband has put up a kick ass installation of Smokey holding, let’s just say, a fi… read more »

Le’s Sandwiches & Cafe

Where Are We in CLT? | July 23, 2019

Le’s Sandwiches & Cafe has been serving up mouth-watering Banh Mi to Charlotte since 2004. As you can see from the photo above, Beard Award-winning baker Chef Peter Reinhart is enjoying Le’s creation. And you can, too — if you’re up for the culinary… read more »

Community Matters Cafe

Where Are We in CLT? | July 22, 2019

If you happen to pop into Community Matters Café during the workweek, don’t be surprised if you find Matt, Tim or other members of The Biscuit team hunkered down for some great grub, rich coffee, and prolific creative output. We love working here, me… read more »

Introducing Charlotte’s Most Pawerful CFOs — Cute Furry Officers

Creative News | July 18, 2019

We asked. You answered. Check out our definitive list of the four most pawerful CFOs — Chief Furry Officers — in the Queen City. When it comes to getting things done and getting belly rubs, this quartet is kicking butt, taking names and earning the… read more »

Introducing … the CBDoodle!

Videos | July 18, 2019

CBD-infused products are taking over the Queen City. You’ve tried CBD-infused oils, cosmetics and gummy bears. Now, experience the latest in CBD-infused innovations — the Cannabis Canine or CBDoodle, genetically engineered to be man’s best friend an… read more »

Queen Charlotte on College Street

Exploring Charlotte | July 18, 2019

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? The Queen Charlotte statue at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport may be more famous, but our dear queen deserves more than just one statue … especially one with her beloved dogs. Watching over 200 North College Street… read more »

The 3 Ballantyne Bulls

Exploring Charlotte | July 17, 2019

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? Okay, okay. We know we’ve done our fair share at poking a little fun at our South Charlotte brothers and sisters in Ballantyne, but we have to admit, when you’re headed to a doctor’s appointment or to see a lawyer about estate pl… read more »

JCSU’s Biddle Hall

Where Are We in CLT? | July 16, 2019

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? Last Friday, CreativeMornings/Charlotte had the privilege of holding the event in historic Biddle Memorial Hall on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte’s only HCBU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). B… read more »

Standing on the Sun

Where Are We in CLT? | July 11, 2019

Where are we in CLT? we’ll give you a hint … it’s a stone’s throw from a Not Just Coffee-Atherton. This Queen City exploration is powered by OrthoCarolina.

EastSide Local

Where Are We in CLT? | July 11, 2019

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? We love hitting up EastSide Local Eatery off Eastway Drive for a  cup of coffee and a smorgasbord of vegan temptations. The courtyard is a great place for live music, an intimate meetup or an outside work session. It’s also a gro… read more »

Binge-Watching Reveals CLT Streaming Surprises

Creative News | July 10, 2019

Okay, so if you watched the lead-off video on this batch of The Biscuit, our secret is out. We binge-watch Netflix shows. Like, a lot. Now, 10 out of 10 doctors say sitting on a couch crushing streaming may not be good for your health, but what if we… read more »


Where Are We in CLT? | July 10, 2019

Where are we in CLT? Well, perhaps we should add, WHEN are we in CLT, too? We love finding small, community library boxes all over the Queen City, but this loving tribute to Doctor Who’s TARDIS just warms our nerdy souls. If you’re visiting Rhino Mar… read more »

Sizzling Hot Fashion Looks for the Fourth … in 1919

Exploring Charlotte | July 2, 2019

All signs point to the Fourth of July being a hot (and rainy) one this year. And, with Fourth parties aplenty to attend, we all want to look good and be comfortable. If you’re like us, when you think about staying cool on a 94-degree day … you thin… read more »

AVAILABLE CREATIVE GIGS: Arts For Life & Charlotte Is Creative

Creative News | June 25, 2019

A creative requires creative organizations and businesses fueled by (you guessed it) passionate creatives. Arts for Life – 1 Part-Time Gig & 1 Full-Time Gig MISSION: Arts For Life is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting pedi… read more »

Charlotte Is Sharing

CLT Nonprofits | June 18, 2019

The Daring Do Gooders of SHARE Charlotte and the head Biscuit makers from Charlotte Is Creative had a little pow wow in the “Yellow Room” at the new Hygge on Jay Street last week. What creative good will spin out of that meeting, you ask? Just you wa… read more »

We Wanna’ Know Your CFO (Cute, Furry Officer)

CLT Creatives, Happenings | June 18, 2019

Does your company have a CFO … Cute, Furry Officer, that is? If so, we wanna’ know … and we want pictures and deets. Friday, June 21 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day because let’s face it, it’s just easier to get through the day with your do… read more »

Uptown Street Construction, Building Boom & Border Worries

Exploring Charlotte | June 18, 2019

If you’re reading this, you’re likely well acquainted with the belief that history is doomed to repeat itself. But, do you really believe it? Does the Charlotte of, say 100 years ago, really have any bearing on the Charlotte of today? Yeah, it kinda’… read more »

The IT Crowd Featuring Charlotte

Videos | June 12, 2019

While not good for your long-term health, crushing a good weekend Netflix binge sometimes yields the occasional Charlotte-based surprise — like discovering Charlotte’s role in Wild Wild Country or seeing Queen City author Patrice Gaines in an episode… read more »

RNCialis – Vote to satisfaction.

Videos | June 20, 2019

From the makers of RNCelexa — If you’re a voter who’s having trouble getting excited about the RNC coming to Charlotte, NC in 2020, ask your doctor about whether a daily dose of RNCialis is right for you.  When taking RNCialis to treat their elect-i… read more »