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Explore Charlotte’s Neighborhood Street Murals – Part Three

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | August 28, 2020

Well, we made it! This is the third and final installment of our series exploring the 15 new street murals the City of Charlotte Placemaking department commissioned 14 artists and artist groups to create across the city to lift our collective communi… read more »

“Who Built Me” – Siu Challons-Lipton, D.Phil.

Videos, Who Built Me | August 19, 2020

Each of us is the product of our experiences in life. We’re shaped and built by those who extend us their time, their insights, their care, experiences and connections. Today, Siu Challons-Lipton, D.Phil., Executive Director of the Department of Art,… read more »

Biscuit Blitz: A Fast Chat with Jewel Pearson

CLT Creatives, Videos | August 16, 2020

When Charlotte creative Jewel Pearson embarked on her journey to build a tiny house, she never envisioned the big adventure it would become. In an effort to simplify her own life, Jewel has become a prominent voice in a brand new movement, appearing… read more »

VIEWFINDER: Matt Henesy’s Photographic Wanderlust

CLT Creatives, Photography | August 13, 2020

There are no shortage of incredible photographers in Charlotte sharing their adventures and their work on social media. But, time after time, we are drawn to the wanderings of Matt Henesy – AKA @MattSHDR. Day after day, he presents the Queen City (an… read more »

Explore Charlotte’s Neighborhood Street Murals – Part Two

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | August 13, 2020

Take a walk on the artistic side! This summer, the City of Charlotte Placemaking department also organized 14 artists and artist groups to paint 15 street murals in neighborhoods across the city. Artists selected from the program’s artist pool were a… read more »

SHOUTing Match! – “Up Above My Head”

Charlotte SHOUT!, Videos | August 5, 2020

To help keep up Charlotte’s spirits during the COVID-19, we’ve partnered with Charlotte SHOUT! and Charlotte Center City Partners to encourage Queen City creatives to team up for SHOUTing Matches — short, shareable creative mash-ups. Charlotte SHOUT!… read more »

You’re Invited to the People’s Platform

Creative News, Happenings | July 30, 2020

How do you feel when you see a police officer? That question can vary greatly based on where you grew up, where you live now, your skin color, your age, your political affiliation and your life experience. It’s a question that has had resonance in th… read more »

Don’t Dis’ the Dog!

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2020

  People say you shouldn’t ask what goes into hot dogs, but that doesn’t work for us. We’re curious. We like to know EXACTLY how the sausage … er … hot dog is made. Here at The Biscuit, we have an insatiable appetite for information about th… read more »

Explore Charlotte’s Neighborhood Street Murals – Part One

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2020

There are many ways to build a city. A city of more than buildings, roads and support systems. And, while planners and architects, developers and construction workers build the incredible infrastructure of our home here, so do creatives and artists…. read more »

He Watched 375 Movies in 365 Days! (For Reals.)

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 29, 2020

“In a world, where a man watched one movie every day for a year …” Now, THAT’S a film we want to watch. Chances are, if it exists, Andres Echevarria already has. Andres is a man with vision. A man with incredible foresight. A year before COVID-19 s… read more »

Bold Music Gets Bolder

Biscuit Blitz, Videos | July 23, 2020

After graduating from Davidson College, George Ramsay moved to Charlotte and emersed himself in his passion — music. He found the Charlotte music community to be inviting, inclusive and powerfully talented. That led George and his friend Dean Willia… read more »

John Howard Takes on TV

Creative News | July 14, 2020

Last month, we reported that Charlotte creative director, John Howard, was keeping himself sharp in COVID-time by challenging himself to create and post a different graphic image every 24 hours. In May, John’s theme was movies. In June, it was TV sho… read more »

SHOUTing! Match: We Can Work It Out

CLT Creatives, Charlotte SHOUT! | July 10, 2020

To help keep up Charlotte’s spirits during the COVID-19 and prepare for annual Charlotte SHOUT! events this fall, we’ve asked Queen City creatives to team up for SHOUTing Matches — short, shareable creative mash-ups. On the same day that Charlotte ar… read more »

Ode to a Lost Ren Fest

Creative News | July 7, 2020

I’ll see no orcs on cell phones I’ll taste no London Broil I’ll hear no quotes from Game of Thrones I’ll put away my fencing foil The turkey legs are cold The beer kegs have run dry The Queen’s hung up her crown The jester’s starting to cry The Tortu… read more »

Community Groups Working to Transform Beatties Ford Road

Creative News | June 29, 2020

For the past 4-5 years, Ricky Singh, an artist and an educator at Charlotte Lab School, has wanted to paint a mural on Beatties Ford Road. In the wake of last Monday’s tragic events, which claimed the lives of four Charlotteans — Jamaa Cassell, Chri… read more »

Jason Jet is “Numb”

CLT Creatives, Music, Videos | June 22, 2020

Between COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd, the upcoming Presidential election and demonstrations, we’re all struggling with many emotions and foundational shifts underway across the country and the world. It’s difficult for many of us to put our t… read more »

@CLTBlackOwned has Pride, Purpose & a Plan

Biscuit Blitz, CLT Creatives, Videos | June 19, 2020

“We really are in this to serve others and support and highlight their business so it can increase their sales.” – Ashley Creft Amidst demonstrations about the death of George Floyd, discussions of how to dismantle systemic racism, ensure conversatio… read more »

Lighting Up Uptown for Juneteenth

Happenings | June 17, 2020

UPDATED! In honor of Juneteenth, Bank of America Corporate Center at 100 N. Tryon St. and 300 S. Tryon Streets will light their crowns in red, black and green — the colors of the Pan-African Flag — at sunset (approx 8:41pm) on June 19.⁣ ⁣ On Saturd… read more »

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Windows of Hope

Creative News | June 17, 2020

PHOTO CREDIT: Ernest Moren CALL FOR ARTISTS: Windows of Hope DEADLINE: June 19 at 5PM Visual artists … this one’s for you! Turn SouthEnd into an outside art gallery and earn $1,000. Lowe’s, Charlotte Center City Partners and ArtPop Street Gallery are… read more »

John Howard’s 30 Day Design Challenge

CLT Creatives, Videos | May 30, 2020

John Howard is the man. Okay, well, he is A man. But, when it comes to graphic design, he is THE MAN … specifically, an EnglishMAN who’s made Charlotte his home for 20 years. Senior Art Director at HMH, John is also the president of the Queen City… read more »