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This is the most exciting time ever to be creative in the Charlotte region. Our city’s creative energy is surging and we’re growing as a creative destination. A report we worked on back in 2017 revealed that there are more than 58,000 creative jobs spanning 72 for-profit and not-for-profit industries throughout our 16-county region. That’s some impressive creative output (with a big impact on our region’s economy), and The Biscuit’s mission is to tell their stories and shine a bright light on their work.

CM/CLT Jams Out With Our Muse John Tosco

CLT Creatives, CreativeMornings/CLT, Videos | October 2, 2019

Let’s throwback to the September 6th CreativeMornings/Charlotte event, where an audience of more than 350 Daybreak Legends gathered at Project 658 in East Charlotte to hear John Tosco and his band of misfit music-makers deliver a beautiful blend of s… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast: Wendy Hickey & Armah Shiancoe

CLT Creatives, CLT Nonprofits, Podcasts | October 2, 2019

Belly up to The Biscuit buffet, everyone! We hope your ears have taste buds, because today we’re serving up a delicious batch of The Biscuit Podcast for your aural pleasure. Tim interviews Wendy Hickey, founder of ArtPop Street Gallery, about her bac… read more »

Ask an Avenger: National Coffee Day

CLT Avengers, CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | October 1, 2019

According to a scientifically accurate poll we forgot to conduct for this article, it’s a proven fact that Charlotte’s creativity is fueled almost exclusively by the excellent coffee we find across the city.  It keeps the good ideas percolating as we… read more »

The Good Stuff – F*ck Up Night

CLT Avengers, CLT Creatives, Happenings | September 30, 2019

Charlotte is a city of amazing events 7 days a week. And, unless you’ve found Michael Keaton’s cloning machine from “Multiplicity,” there’s no way you can do it all. That’s when the #CLTAvengers, Charlotte’s Mightiest Instagrammers, spring into actio… read more »

#GameTimeGraphic – Panthers vs. Texans

CLT Creatives, Game Time Graphic, Happenings | September 29, 2019

While we can’t prove the incredible #GameTimeGraphic from @Nick.V.Black pushed the Panthers to victory over the Cardinals last week, we certainly can’t prove it didn’t.  This week, Charlotte artist John Burgin, Jr. — the creator of Frogboy — has rust… read more »

5 Ridiculous Questions with Lindsey Crisp

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Happenings | September 27, 2019

At Not Just Coffee Jay Street last Friday night, native Charlottean (That’s right! They exist!) Lindsey Crisp reigned supreme. She won the inaugural night of bouts from Southern Ladies Arm-Wrestling League (S.L.A.W.) Watch the moment of her victory h… read more »

Harvey Cummings II Gets a Gig … With Oprah!

CLT Creatives, Happenings, Music | September 27, 2019

This week brought exciting news for stalwart of the Charlotte music scene, Harvey Cummings II. Harvey announced Tuesday that his ensemble would be playing in front of keynote speaker, Oprah Winfrey, at the 2019 UNCF Maya Angelou Women Who Lead Lunche… read more »

#GameTimeGraphic – Panthers vs. Cardinals

CLT Creatives, Game Time Graphic, Happenings | September 21, 2019

The Panthers have had a rough go of it lately. Perhaps the power of creativity can propel them to victory over the Arizona Parrots … ahem! … Cardinals. This week’s Panthers #GameTimeGraphic is the work of Charlottean Nick Black ( Share… read more »

Charlotte Artist Picks Up Her Grandfather’s Paintbrush

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | September 20, 2019

Long before the renaissance of the mural movement hit the Queen City, a hand-painted mural of a Coca-Cola bottle has graced the corner of 6th and Graham. It’s been in need of a touch-up. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated hired Amber Thompson, a… read more »

#GameTimeGraphic – Panthers vs. Buccaneers

CLT Creatives, Game Time Graphic, Happenings | September 12, 2019

Shiver me timbers and hoist the mainsails! Tonight, Captain Panth-ARRRRRR and his crew of Cardiac Cats take on the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay in the Uptown Ocean. We asked Brett Toukatly (@b_twokat) to help us hoist our own Jolly Roger and take to the s… read more »

Old Pals, New Pals & Super Secret Salons

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers | September 11, 2019

Mary Taylor At the September CreativeMornings featuring John Tosco,  we heard how everything can be our muse. I agree and as I explore my new city, I am meeting fascinating creatives practically every day. I’ve met people who inspire me and challenge… read more »

#GameTimeGraphic – Panthers vs. Rams

CLT Creatives, Game Time Graphic, Happenings | September 8, 2019

“Hey, you got sports in my creativity!” “Wait, you got creativity in my sports!” Yep-sports and the arts can live together in harmony. Check out this awesome Carolina Panthers rally graphic by uber-talented Charlotte graphic designer, Nalee Thao (@na… read more »

4 to Follow: Erin Santos Speaks!

CLT Creatives | September 5, 2019

Charlotte is home to thousands of Instagram accounts from Charlotte creatives sharing their work and their thoughts about the Queen City community. Many of them deserve more love and your attention. But, where do you start? Who do you follow? No worr… read more »

HUG Life: Building Hope One LEGO Brick at a Time

CLT Creatives | September 4, 2019

There once was an elderly woman named Jackie who cared for young patients at an Atlanta hospital. Wearing a fairy godmother costume, she read to them and transported them to an imaginary world. A small group of friends and family who also served at t… read more »

The Mind Behind The Crown

CLT Creatives | August 31, 2019

If you’re a runner, you’ve come to the right city. When fall rolls around, you never want for a weekend road race. The hard part is picking which ones to run. On the organizer side, it’s equally hard developing a run event that offers something new…. read more »

To help children, Meghann Sehorn travels oceans, runs marathons & climbs mountains

CLT Creatives | August 28, 2019

This story is part of our creative partnership with People of Charlotte. You can read the full story on their web site. People of Charlotte, it’s an honor to introduce you to Meghann Sehorn! Meghann is a shining example of how one person can indeed m… read more »

5 Ridiculous Questions with Charlotteans We Love – Nalee Thao

CLT Creatives | August 23, 2019

Nalee Thao Designer Extraordinaire + Mischief Maker Instagram: @narly There are thousands of Charlotte creatives doing innovative and exciting work all around the city. When we can get a moment of their time, we celebrate. And, we ask them silly ques… read more »

Tooth Fairy Tales – Kara Vasseur

CLT Avengers, CLT Creatives | August 23, 2019

In honor of National Tooth Fairy Day, Kara Vasseur, digital marketing manager for Crisis Assitance Ministry and #CLTAvenger, shares her story about the Tooth Fairy. FAIR WARNING: If you are still a “Tooth Fairy Truther,” stop reading now. “As a child… read more »

The Biscuit Podcast – Creative Besties Kate Micham and Nicole Reyes

CLT Creatives, Podcasts | August 22, 2019

On this batch of The Biscuit Podcast, we spend time with “Creative Besties,” Kate Micham and Nicole Reyes, creatives at MODE and the leaders of Make-A-Mark in Charlotte, about how they work together, the Queen City creative scene and looming deadline… read more »

INK STORIES: Sammie Kolk Loves Mom n’ Dad, Canada … and Poison

CLT Creatives | August 22, 2019

We love the synthesis of personal story and incredible artistic talent that’s embodied in a tattoo. This week’s Ink Story features makeup artist, blogger, Instagrammer and Canadian turned Southerner, Sammie Kolk. Sammie shares the stories behind her… read more »