Exploring Charlotte

Maybe you’re new to Charlotte. Or maybe you’ve been here for a while, but are still eager to get plugged in. We’re your guide to the surging creative energy of our city – the diverse neighborhoods, the colorful details, the must-see projects, the must-attend events, and all the ways to get involved. (After all, you become a true Charlottean the moment you get your uniform dirty.) In addition to covering the newest Queen City creators, offerings and trends, we’re equally passionate about making sure you know the trailblazing people, businesses and organizations that have been keeping the creative pilot light burning in Charlotte for decades. (After all, they laid the foundation for the rest of us.) And in our ongoing series #WhereAreWeInCLT, you can always count on us to capture the vibrant details and delights hiding in plain sight, around every corner of the city. Our team always has our eyes peeled, searching for the next surprise to share. Our goal is to inspire you to explore Charlotte and discover fascinating areas of Crown Town that just might become your new favorite spot.

Old Pals, New Pals & Super Secret Salons

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers | September 11, 2019

Mary Taylor At the September CreativeMornings featuring John Tosco,  we heard how everything can be our muse. I agree and as I explore my new city, I am meeting fascinating creatives practically every day. I’ve met people who inspire me and challenge… read more »

Viewfinder: Yard Art Day 2019 by Deborah Triplett

Exploring Charlotte | September 5, 2019

Labor Day 2019 has come and gone … and, sadly, so has another colorful year of Yard Art Day. Luckily, event organizer and amazing photographer, Deborah Triplett, has shared her photos with us so we can relive the incredible installations and dream… read more »

@CLT.Remedy’s Five Faves for International Bacon Day

CLT Avengers, Exploring Charlotte | August 29, 2019

Yeah, we know everyone has their eyes on Monday, but SATURDAY is International Bacon Day. We turned to our foodie friends, Kriska and Manny of @CLT.Remedy, to share their top five ways to celebrate this hallowed holiday in Charlotte.

Ode to a Cajun Filet Biscuit

Editorials, Exploring Charlotte | August 28, 2019

The nation seems a bit obsessed with determining which chicken sandwich reigns supreme, Popeye’s or Chick-Fil-A? We emphatically endorse a third option … the regal culinary creation of the Queen City … Bojangles’ Cajun Filet biscuit. Matt Olin and Ti… read more »

Interesting Events In Which We’re Interested: August 22

Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers | August 23, 2019

The Queen City is a town of highly energetic and creative go-getters. That means there’s always something cool or thought-provoking to do. The difficult part is deciding WHICH events to attend. Let us lend some grey matter on that. Here are some of o… read more »

Charlotte Pride Parade 2019 by Bethany Otten

Exploring Charlotte | August 20, 2019

It may have been blazing hot this Sunday, but nothing could deter the incredible spirit coursing through Uptown as Charlotte Pride’s 2019 celebration hit its high note with the annual Pride Parade. Whether you were there or not, we have a gallery of… read more »

Queen’s Feast Recap: Digging Into Four “O.G. CLT” Restaurants

CLT Avengers, CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | August 9, 2019

Daydeaming about where to eat this weekend? We won’t tell your boss, but we WILL give you some recommendations. During Queen’s Feast, we dispatched the #CLTAvengers, Charlotte’s mightiest Instagrammers, to check out a few “O.G. CLT” restaurants. We f… read more »

Savona Mill Trolleys

Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2019

Where are we in CLT? While you’re waiting in construction traffic for the new streetcars near Johnson & Wales and Johnson C. Smith University, take a quick detour down South Turner Street in the Seversville community. There, across from Savona Mill,… read more »

The RailYard

Exploring Charlotte | July 30, 2019

Stumbling upon a new work from muralist Osiris Rain never gets old. Here is his newest piece, to be found in the lobby of the new RailYard building in South End. (Photo from The Biscuit staff)

HUG Life: Love Blossoms on the Streets of Charlotte

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | July 24, 2019

After moving to a new city, it’s a challenge to establish your bearings and make connections. For artist and recent HUG micro-grant recipient, KHEM, diving into the creative community here has eased that transition – an instrumental pipeline for meet… read more »

How a Battalion of Army Men Defeated My Perfectionism

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | July 22, 2019

Perfection is one of the killers of creativity. One antidote for perfectionism is to play, and if I was to strengthen my creativity and quiet the perfectionist in me, I needed to practice spontaneous play. So I decided to do something silly and trust… read more »

Queen Charlotte on College Street

Exploring Charlotte | July 18, 2019

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? The Queen Charlotte statue at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport may be more famous, but our dear queen deserves more than just one statue … especially one with her beloved dogs. Watching over 200 North College Street… read more »

The 3 Ballantyne Bulls

Exploring Charlotte | July 17, 2019

WHERE ARE WE IN CLT? Okay, okay. We know we’ve done our fair share at poking a little fun at our South Charlotte brothers and sisters in Ballantyne, but we have to admit, when you’re headed to a doctor’s appointment or to see a lawyer about estate pl… read more »

Four to Follow: Nicole Copsis SHAREs Insta Faves

Exploring Charlotte | July 17, 2019

Nicole Copsis has her finger on the pulse of the Queen City. And, she uses that finger to scroll through and find the Instagram accounts of the most inspiring, creative people and places at work in Charlotte. Here are four of her faves.

Ask An Avenger: Where to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

CLT Avengers, Exploring Charlotte | July 17, 2019

National Ice Cream Day is Sunday, July 21. Where should you go to find the perfect scoop to indulge your palate before it runs down your arm? We ask an Avenger … a #CLTAvenger expert, that is — Jeanna of @CLTDesserts.

FOUR TO FOLLOW: Fo’ from Cole Monroe

Exploring Charlotte | July 11, 2019

Charlotte is home to thousands of Instagram accounts from Charlotte creatives sharing their work and their thoughts about the Queen City community. Each week, one of our guest experts will share four local Instagram accounts they think are worth your… read more »

Sizzling Hot Fashion Looks for the Fourth … in 1919

Exploring Charlotte | July 2, 2019

All signs point to the Fourth of July being a hot (and rainy) one this year. And, with Fourth parties aplenty to attend, we all want to look good and be comfortable. If you’re like us, when you think about staying cool on a 94-degree day … you thin… read more »

Four to Follow: Insta-scriptions from @clt.remedy

CLT Avengers, Exploring Charlotte | June 26, 2019

Each week, we ask an local Instagrammer  to be our “CLT Sherpa,” guiding us to four local Instagram accounts they think are worthy of your follows and likes. This week, we hear from one our favorite “Pharmacists of Queen City Food-ology,” Kriska of @… read more »

I didn’t come to Charlotte to Die. (Although I almost did.) I came to thrive.

Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers | June 25, 2019

I had life-saving surgery shortly after I moved to Charlotte. Total fluke. My intestines were blocked and all of my organs were shutting down. The doctor said I had less than an hour to live. I remembered thinking as I was being whisked off to surger… read more »

Four to Follow: Roman Around Instagram … with Roman

CLT Avengers, CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | June 20, 2019

Charlotte is home to thousands of Instagram accounts belonging to people vigorously exploring the city.  But, where to start? Who to follow? No worries. Our Queen City Sherpas will lead the way. Each week, one of our guest experts will share four loc… read more »