Exploring Charlotte

Maybe you’re new to Charlotte. Or maybe you’ve been here for a while, but are still eager to get plugged in. We’re your guide to the surging creative energy of our city – the diverse neighborhoods, the colorful details, the must-see projects, the must-attend events, and all the ways to get involved. (After all, you become a true Charlottean the moment you get your uniform dirty.) In addition to covering the newest Queen City creators, offerings and trends, we’re equally passionate about making sure you know the trailblazing people, businesses and organizations that have been keeping the creative pilot light burning in Charlotte for decades. (After all, they laid the foundation for the rest of us.) And in our ongoing series #WhereAreWeInCLT, you can always count on us to capture the vibrant details and delights hiding in plain sight, around every corner of the city. Our team always has our eyes peeled, searching for the next surprise to share. Our goal is to inspire you to explore Charlotte and discover fascinating areas of Crown Town that just might become your new favorite spot.

Davita Galloway Hopes Big Hoops Brings Big Business for Minority Retailers

CLT Creatives, Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | February 11, 2019

“It’s a statement that we are here. You can’t erase us, and you can’t push us to the perimeter …” – Davita Galloway   Charlotte’s minority-owned businesses will take center stage during two major events this month poised to bring millions of vis… read more »

Uncommon Details at Common Market

Exploring Charlotte | February 11, 2019

They say the devil’s in the details. And, we’re here to point out the devilshly cool details in the QC. When you live in a town for a long time, it’s easy to stop looking. But, from street art to set design to kitschy places to grab a beer and a sand… read more »

Viewfinder: Heather Liebler

Creative News, Exploring Charlotte | January 28, 2019

Charlotte is home to a community of exciting and immensely talented photographers and we want you to meet as many of them as you can. Each batch of the The Biscuit will feature Viewfinder, a gallery of selected photographs from some of our favorite C… read more »

SpookyCLT: A Bonus Room with a Bizarre Past

Exploring Charlotte | January 28, 2019

This story was originally chronicled on the @SpookyCLT Instagram feed. You can see the original post below. With SpookyCLT, my colleagues and I search far and wide for the creepiest and most haunted corners of Charlotte. While we typically find stori… read more »

Learn More about MoRA

CLT Nonprofits, Exploring Charlotte, For Newcomers | January 28, 2019

This neighborhood profile was submitted by Faron Franks, a Principal at the firm Shook Kelley Architects and resident of MoRA. It started with the house. A Realtor calling to say, “I think I found what you’re looking for.” Then a soggy, skeptical dri… read more »

Bow to Buff Faye, the Charity Queen

Exploring Charlotte | January 14, 2019

People of CLT, meet Buff Faye. She’s a larger-than-life leader for the Charlotte LGBTQ community – and if you can manage to scale her mountain of accolades, beyond them you’ll see a vast horizon of Charlotteans benefiting from her creativity and gene… read more »

PEOPLE OF CHARLOTTE: Green Paint Makes Green Thumbs

CLT Creatives, Exploring Charlotte | December 29, 2018

People of CLT, meet art teacher and painter, Megan Welsh. She may not be able to keep plants alive, but she does capture them on a canvas. And, she inspires children just as she was inspired as a child. Let’s learn more. PEOPLE OF CHARLOTTE: Where ca… read more »

PEOPLE OF CLT: Book ’em, Officer Webster!

Exploring Charlotte | December 13, 2018

The author of this article is the founder of  @PeopleOfCLT on Instagram. People of CLT, meet author and Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer, Chad Webster. We first met Chad when he published his first book in his Mystery Muffin & Soda Pop Slooth… read more »